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Thanks Mouser I'd definitely deleted the comment slashes and definitely fully closed FARR.

I've decided to uninstall and go with the portable beta instead.

Thank you @IanB

I tried that (even though I used the regular installer not the portable version) and it didn't appear to work - although FARR didn't create a new folder in my OneDrive. A filename search revealed the config files had now appeared in the Program Files (x86) folder.

Still, that's as good a place as any, so I closed, copyied the correct files over, and restarted, and all is working now.

So I've got the  a result that I wanted, even though I'm not quite sure how :)

Just reinstalled Windows 10 and as I'm using a Live account W10 has set the My Documents folder to my OneDrive

So FARR is storing config files in OneDrive, which I don't want, especially because the troubleshooting log often has trouble syncing.

So I closed FARR and edited the ConfigDir.ini file by adding the following line at the end, without comment slashes

Copied all the config files across and removed the initial config folder on OneDrive.

But FARR seems to be ignoring this and has created a new 'first run' folder in OneDrive.

I can obviously close and move the config files back so I don't lose my settings, but what am I doing wrong?


Throw it away. The time you'll spend removing the partition is worth more than a bit of USB memory.

Legend has it that someone once asked Bernard Edwards of Chic what strings he used for his bass.

He turned to Nile Rodgers and asked "What kind of strings come on a MusicMan bass?"

If you're a genius, you'll make anything sound great :)

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