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I need help in creating a batch file or similar that will make a Folder/Sub Folder structure and add the relative files to these new locations.

Below is a text file representing a small part of the structure that I wish to create.
The first comma delimiter represents the Folder and Sub Folders that I wish to create under a top level Folder called DATABASE DATA.
The second comma delimiter represents the name of the actual File.
The third comma delimiter represents the location of the files to import into the new Folder structure.

"File Samples\Type\Multi Page Scans,""milk cart.jpg"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\multi page scans\milk cart.jpg"""
"File Samples\Type\Multi Page Scans,""15_1.TIF"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\multi page scans\15_1.tif\15_1.tif"""
"File Samples\Type\Colour Scans,""montage.bmp"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\colour scans\montage.bmp"""
"File Samples\Type\Colour Scans,""NIAGRA.jpeg"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\colour scans\niagra.jpg"""
"File Samples\Type\Colour Scans,""Welcome Scan.jpg"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\colour scans\welcome scan.jpg"""
"File Samples\Type\Colour Scans,""SHOOTAA.TIF"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\colour scans\shootaa.tif"""
"File Samples\Type\Colour Scans,""jamesc.bmp"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\colour scans\jamesc.bmp"""
"File Samples\Type\Colour Scans,""teeth.jpg"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\colour scans\teeth.jpg"""
"File Samples\Type\MS Office Documents,""KUNDI  DAN 1.docx"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\ms office documents\kundi  dan 1.docx"""
"File Samples\Type\MS Office Documents,""Save & Invest.doc"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\ms office documents\save & invest.rtf"""
"File Samples\Type\MS Office Documents,""2003.05.01 Scanning Index.csv"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\ms office documents\2003.05.01 scanning index.csv"""
"File Samples\Type\MS Office Documents,""ec customer breakdown.xls"",""c:\users\fss\desktop\filecenter data\file samples\type\ms office documents\ec customer breakdown.xlsx"""

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