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  • Thursday September 29, 2022, 7:55 pm
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Hi there!

I saw your sfv-ninja-programm.. and i tried it, but it didnt make a .sfv-file when i dropped a folder on it (like your sPlayListMaker does).

What relay would be nice is adding the drag&drop-function from sPlayListMaker. (Dropping a folder & the .sfv is automatically created in the corresponding folder).
(And possibly "add .sfvs for all the the files". and/or  "add .sfv for the root-folder only" in the options).

So the main goal would be: adding the same functionally your sPlayListMaker has. (Drag & Drop wise).

I dont know how complicated it would be copying this functionality from sPlayListMaker to your SFV-Ninja, but that would make this program really outstanding.

Regards .. SempfMaus :)

Ah thats also a verry good idea!

But that could end up in a really long folder-structure..

e.g.: "Karajan 1980s Complete DG Recordings - 78 cds" or "Deutsche Grammophon The Originals series - 141 cds".
Ok, that are extreme examples, but your way is viable for me up to 5 cd-packs.

Also with my method i got a .m3u for the whole cd-pack, and i can just doubleclick it & have all the .mp3s in my player, and i often use the shuffle function.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion, always thankful for new ideas. :)

PS: i have heard before from AutoHotkey, but i thought it is just a gui for batch-files. ^^
I will definitive have a look at that .

Regards .. SempfMaus

Wow, that was quick!

I have tested the new version, and it works perfectly. :D

Thank you so much for this wonderful programm, i think i would not have any need for any other .m3u-tool ever!
It just does everything i will ever need regarding .m3us. <3

Oh and another thing... the user unc0nnected (two posts above my first) had a question about multi-CD albums.
I know its a bit late, but here is what i do in this situation.

If a album has two discs, i just rename the .mp3s to reflect the cd, e.g. Intromusic.mp3 to CD1_Intromusic.mp3, and put them alltogether in one folder.
Altrough if the album has more than two or three cds, i just rename the folder to something better than CD1.
(Can be easily done with a multi or mass-renamer.)

I also have two copies of sPlayListMaker on my harddisk:
1.) one configured to "No path at all, just the filename" and "Write location: Each Folder" (for single-cd albums and root-folder for all my collections).
2.) another configured to "Relative paths" and "Write location: Root Folder(s) only" (for multi-cd albums).

I have made a link for both to my "SentTo" folder in windows explorer, so i can just rightclick a album and select the appropriate.

So my workflow is like this: rightclick the rootfolder of my collections, select 1.). (All single-cd albums have a .m3u in their folders.)
Then go into the folder, select all the multi-cd folders, rightclick and select 2.). (All multi-cd albums have a .m3u in their root folders.)

This way i have all on just a rightclick, without the hassle to configure sPlayListMaker every time i want to do multi-cd albums.

Hope this helps someone who has this kind of "problem". ^^

Again thanks for the update & i will have a look at AutoHotkey.

Regards .. SempfMaus

Hi there!

First of all, thank you very much for this extremely useful program.

I am using it now for about 4 days, and i am impressed how fast and configurable to any possible needs it is.
I also like the clean & lean look of your tools.

I have one request though, would it be possible to put a character in front of the name of the .m3u? (maybe trough the .ini file?)

The thing is when i drop the root-folder with all my my soundtracks into sPlayListMaker, it makes all the playlists for all albums in the corresponding folders. Which is good so far.
The .m3us have now the names of the folder of the album. (e.g. "Inception.m3u")

Now if there are 20 (or more) mp3s in that album, the .m3u is somewhere down there between all the mp3s.
(mostly waaay down there, because the .mp3s are mostly named with the tracknumbers in front, and therefore the .m3u is almost everytime on the bottom or somewhere in the middle of all the .mp3s.)

What i then do is i put a ! in front of the name of the .m3u, so it is always on top of the folder, and i can doubleclick it without scrolling down &  searching for the .m3u.
e.g. "Inception.m3u"  -->  "!Inception.m3u" (can be done with a mass-renamer)

But now unfolds another problem.

I cant drop the root-folder where all my soundtracks are stored into sPlayListMaker again, because the programm will create a new .m3u (without the ! ) for all albums in there,
because its thinking there is no .m3u for all the albums.

So would it be possible for you to implement some kind of "put one character in front of the generated .m3u-filename"-function?
maybe in the .ini-file: "PlaylistName=+!" or something like that.

I just hope i didnt overlooked any function of your programm, which already allows me to do this.

Sorry for my poor english, and apologies for this wall of text, but i didnt know how i should make my request clear simpler. ;)

And another thing which interests me .. if I can humbly ask which programming language do you use?

Regards .. Sempfmaus ;)

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