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  • Wednesday November 25, 2020, 8:57 am
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Yes, that's one way to do it.

Thank you very much for your speedy support.

But, there is a case where this approach would let down Splat's user: when roaming on a USB stick.
If I do create a shortcut to a profile on my machine, and then take my Portable Software setup to my brother's computer, run Splat there to help me launch what I need, that profile wouldn't launch automatically as he doesn't have that shortcut in his windows.

So, although this solution does a job in most scenarios (and I suspected that Splat has a command line option to run a profile), still I would vote for Splat's internal function to do that, as in that case it makes it completely portable.



Critical feature missing:

Splat v1.1.7:

- There is no way to auto-run a profile with Splat when Splat is set to 'Start with windows'.
I like Splat so much that I would like to try to use it as my one and only launcher program.
It has it's own 'Start with windows' option to make it auto-run with each boot. Fine.
But, among all my profiles, there is one I would also like to run on each boot. No way.

My suggestion is to add one more input box (or drop down select box) on the general options page, right next to the above mentioned 'Start with windows' where user could type in (or drop-down select) one, and only one of his/hers profiles which would then be started automatically whenever Splat itself is started.
Then Splat could really take a role of one and only launcher on a windows machine.



Bug report:

Splat v1.1.7:

- Reordering of profiles in the profile window via context-menu does not work. When I right click on a profile and select 'Move profile up' or 'Move profile down' options, nothing happens. But when I use the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in that menu (CTRL+UP or CTRL+DOWN), then it works.

Sure. No rush.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon a bug, a minor one: reordering entries in a profile doesn't work when drag and drop is used. It just looks like it is working, user can do a drag and drop operation, but as soon as one switches to some other profile and then back, the order of entries is back to where it was. Looks like Splat is not doing 'save' on drag and drop. On the other hand, if context menu => 'Move selection up/down' or keyboard 'Ctrl+Up/Down' is used, then it works as expected.

Hi Skwire and congratulations and many thanks for building this wonderful software.  :-*

With the current version 1.1.5 it really came a long way and is now almost perfect.

However, it says in the title '...and Termination', but it looks like that part could use some more polishing.

As yjs14 already mentioned, it would be only logical to have 'Terminate profile' in the icon-tray-right-click-pop-up-menu just as we now have 'Launch profile' there.
Sure, making 'close-all-of-these' profiles is a nice feature to have, but why force the user to create a separate close-only profile when he/she already defined which programs to launch in the first place.
So, for example, I have a profile 'Workspace' which starts everything I need for work, and then, when I'm finished with my work, I would like to simply close everything down that that particular profile started.

You already have 'if running' logic in your program, and you already have 'close/kill' routines, so this should be just one more loop in your code, and that would really make it perfect and finally close the whole cycle of running and then terminating entire workspaces.

There is, however, one additional concern about this: some programs are not started directly, but from a .bat file or some other sequence, which means that for those Splat wouldn't know what to close when it comes to termination phase. Hence, I would suggest to add one more input field in the Edit Entry->Run Options dialog which could be named, let's say 'Termination Target', where user could input exe's name that should be closed.
For example, my code editor 'Komodo Edit' does not know how to function in a portable manner, but with a help of a .bat file that adds some %ENVs it runs portable just fine. Now, since I added 'Start_Komodo_Portable.bat' to my run list, not 'komodo.exe', Splat wouldn't know how to terminate it, but if I had one more input field to explain to Splat that I actually meant 'komodo.exe' then it would succeed in terminating it when the time comes.

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