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Dude, thank you to the developer of this little program.  It was exactly what I was looking for...

And to answer the question as to WHAT on earth this could be used for:  I have a ton of emulator files for various gaming consoles (Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, etc) all in one folder with various subfolders for each corresponding system and the HUGE selection can be a bit overwhelming when just wanting to select a random game out of the lot.

So, I use the extensions "gb;n64;nes;bin;gg;sfc;smc" to randomly select a game from all consoles... or I can even narrow it down to a specific console.

Thank you for this.  This is extremely useful. :Thmbsup:
-celerygeneral99 (January 14, 2013, 11:00 PM)
I just registered to say I was looking for a program like this to do something similar. I'm surprised that there is no demand for this purpose. My only real problem now is... unfortunately I have uncompressed all of my, let's say, games -for the sake of the above argument- to separate folders. Which means that I was looking for a program that picks random FOLDERS instead of files and my guess is that "pickme" cannot be used for folders as it is? Shame.

Nevertheless, I registered just to say thanks for this. I am not aware of similar programs (but if there are, please feel free to indicate them).

EDIT: As a workaround since I can't pick folders, I tried "exe;swf;msi;unity3d" in the file associations. I set a source directory of 1103 subfolders. The program keeps crashing with an error "5". I tried setting another folder to search (its parent directory) and got an error "6" (overflow), after it attempted to ignore the settings and instead scanned all of my drives!

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