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Living Room / Re: Lenovo Reliability
« on: November 07, 2009, 06:06 AM »
Thank you for the alert, MRainey. Please clarify, though: Were only Lenovo laptops rated poorly, or also ThinkPads (made by Lenovo)? I have always been a great ThinkPad fan, though I didn't like Lenovo laptops as much. (BTW, my one fairly recent Toshiba was lousy.)

Sorry I'm jumping in so late here, but if anyone's still listening...

<a href="">WinPatrol</a> is an excellent task manager utility that, among its numerous useful functions, lets you choose the delay intervals for startup applications.

I now prefer <a href="">AnVir Task Manager</a>, with similar functionality. However, AnVir's main drawback, in my opinion, is that the startup delay is not configurable -- it's 1 minute for all startup apps you choose to delay.

Both come in free and paid versions. I  briefly reviewed WinPatrol in post <a href="">#11</a> of my utilites blog, and AnVir in post <a href="">#57</a>.

I hope this is helpful.

I evaluated Advanced Renamer for my roundup of free batch file renamers in my <a href="">utilities blog</a>. It was not one of my recommendations, but I am embarrassed to admit that I don't remember why it didn't make the cut. Instead, I chose Flash Renamer, RenameMaster, and ReNamer as the top three. You can find the review in <a href="">last weeks' post</a>. I hope this is helpful.

Sorry for the late entry. I just noticed this thread in the newsletter.

The free version of Good Sync is indeed crippled. If you want a file and folder synchronizer program, some swear by Karen's Replicator or SyncBack Free, but I chose Allway Sync. You can read my review in post #27 of my utilities blog ( I followed up on Good Sync in post #28.

I hope this is helpful.

MS SyncToy will do what you want, but awkwardly. GoodSync is too limited. I use AllWay Sync'n'Go and am satisfied. You can configure it to work just as you said you want it to. there's also a nice USB version. See my review in post #27 of my utilities blog, . Many others have also recommended Karen's File Replicator (, but I haven't tried it.

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