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Living Room / Re: Going cold turkey on the unholy trinity
« on: October 24, 2013, 06:29 PM »
In the few weeks since this thread started, Mozilla is now blocking in-browser Java outright, yes?

OP, have you ever been "bitten by" Java, or had malware injected onto your system via a Java vulnerability?

(Not asking you to list them, but) I'm wondering what sites you visit which require use of Java?
I've had Java disabled in-browser since way back in 2005(?) and can't say I've ever missed it, er, don't know what I've missed out by not having it available.

I do have JRE installed to a sandboxie container. Several graphics applications that I've used depend on its availability.
I've never personally been bitten by malware employing a Java vector, but prior to disabling it in-browser, I came "yay close to being bitten" -- proxomitron rules thwarted redirection and /or loading of the injector embed object.

Along with Java, I block Silverlight, RealPlayer, and similar proprietary devices. I don't regard them as being inherently evil, though. I just don't want to expose myself to the potential grief their ongoing vulnerabilities invite. IMO, the most dangerous (and maybe I'd even label it as "evil") current aspect of web-centric computing is "dot net" (.Net) ... with NaCL (native client) on the horizon, as a close second.

Flash extension remains installed in my Firefox browser. FlashBlock browser addon suits me fine.
Probably the only thing I've blocked, and occasionally "miss" is Shockwave... or the ol' Macromedia Director.
We had some wonderful freeware and shareware games which utilized Director.

Living Room / Re: Google's Storage Problem
« on: October 24, 2013, 06:04 PM »
I'm looking forward to the prospect of decentralization, people using a "buddy system" (or whatever) to send backup copies of their files to friends' drives... rather than DEPENDING on the free (or freemium or commercial) offerings of commercial entities.

Storage capacity is cheaper-than-ever, yet people have allowed themselves to be steered into using phone or tablet form factor computing devices having minimal storage, with no choice (no SATA or USB port on the device) but to "upload it and store it in the (their) cloud". Post raspberryPi, I believe we're only a device generation (or 2) away from personal ARM -based wearable computers. In that scenario, I do expect the "personal cloud" paradigm to shift toward wearable and /or home-based "personal server(s)".

In the meantime, OwnCloud seems to be gaining traction. But (I say) if ya gotta authenticate through THEIR server... what's the sense in that?

Way back when... I had used the "eXeScope"  resource editor utility to modify comdlg32.dll
to achieve a larger default height and width for the various dialog boxes.

Never could figure out how to coerce "details" view (vs "list" view) as the default, though.

Clearly, as I discovered today
achieving default "details" view is possible...

so I'm hoping someone reading this will throw me a clue, how to achieve default details view

General Software Discussion / Re: extract lines containing
« on: October 24, 2013, 05:25 PM »
TextPad has a "Find in Files" command that lets you search content of files within your specified path.
Search pattern can be a regular expression & you can limit which type(s) of files are searched.
Although it doesn't directly export the search results to a new file, you can easily SaveAs the results output.
(you'll probably first want to search/replace to remove the filename+lineNumber from start of each line)

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