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Hello everyone,

and thank you for this great programme. I stumbled on it while looking for a replacement for the unified search in the Windows 7 start menu — I’m using Windows 8 and unfortunately Microsoft removed the unified search (many other people have complained about this, for instance here: ).

For now, I’ve found a nice workaround: I’m using the FARR windows search plugin, which works nicely even in Windows 8, and in the FARR hotkey assignment, I’ve added "ws " as default search string.

However, there is a little drawback…

When using the Windows search plugin, FARR does not show the "standard" results anymore, so I cannot simply start writing a programme’s name and find it quickly. Is there a way of "mixing" standard results and plugin results such as those of the Windows Search plugin?

Thanks for your answers and thanks again for this nice programme,


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