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I'm on my tablet right now =].

My school required everyone in my class to get a tablet PC for school. Mine is a bit heavier, 14" ~7 pounds, but with a sweet graphics card and more power than th smaller ones. I've gotten used to it, and use the tablet function occasionally.

It really depends on what you do with it. On the go, it's great, way better than a trackpad (I use a mouse, but some don't). It is great for taking notes, a lot better for showing relationships between items. Tablet support in OS's is good. Mine came with XP tablet edition, pretty good. I'm actually using Linux now (Ubuntu), but I still got it working fine. Make sure it is a Wacom.

Tablets are really useful in some areas. In other, the added cost isn't worth it. For smaller computers, I think a tablet is great, an easy way to use the computer. On a desktop replacement, not so much.

Overall, if you can afford the extra money, go for it.

The longer, the better. This is a nice format.

When it's long, I just dedicate an hour or so to reading it and the 20+ tabs I inevitably open from it....

Nice work!

I'm happy that IE finally supports more code, but there are a couple of other things to think about:
-Woo! It renders one thing right! How about the rest of the internet?
-Still not fun to use. It can take lessons from FF and its extensions to fix this.
-Bad interface. Takes forever to do anything. Weird layout.
-Ugly Icon. Needs to be fixed.
-Name: not creative enough.

I may be a bit critical, but I am impressed that the developers are at least trying to do something right.

Cheat Sheeter / Re: New Program Idea: Cheat Sheeter
« on: December 23, 2007, 07:52 PM »
Thanks Mouser.

Any chance you can get the link to the "super early alpha" working?

I'd like to see at least what you have.

That is the best integration I've seen so far!
I'm impressed. Bookmarking this in case I ever get bored. One of these days I'll try and run my ubuntu (gnome) partition in vmware...

Right now, it just works.


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