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Backups should be on another drive for both performance sake and reliability; therefore, I would have K and B on another drive.  Using D for a HDD probably meant changing the letter for your optical drive so I would have used U for user files instead.  I cannot think of any reason to add P instead of the default C drive. 

Using separate partitions is not as popular as it once was.  Many of the utilities for backup, recovery, cleaners, etc. do not work well if programs and files are in a separate partition.  Just remember that when running such tools.

Some sites are not far from this at all with their honey pots.

General Software Discussion / Re: free cloud backup?
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:43 PM »
If the data is worth backing up, isn't it worth keeping it safe?
If you read the Terms & Conditions of the free sites, all that I have seen say they have the right to do just about anything they want to do with your data including making it available to others for online viewing or downloading.   :o

Find a site that is cheap but not free and in the USA.

Although I am not a fan of McAfee security products, they have about the best deal at $59/year and unlimited storage.

Well, more information.  I let it sit for a few hours, then started again.  When I did, I went into the BIOS instead of letting it boot to Windows.  Temp looked fine (25C MB/25C Proc) and fan speed looked fine.  after a few minutes, it failed.  So I'm leaning towards RAM, and crossing my fingers.  Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll let you know!

If it failed while you were in BIOS, then the problem is probably PSU or motherboard.  The most complex component is the CPU but it is also the least likely to fail.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to test for motherboard failure other than replacing it.

Yup... restored the bios to defaults.  Actually tried it both ways... with defaults, and restore... and both had the same results.  The only thing I didn't try was flashing it, but I have doubts that could be it unless someone tells me otherwise.  never seen a bios that needs updating start flaking out like this...

It is a very bad idea to attempt to flash the BIOS on an unstable system.  It is possible to brick some motherboards with an incomplete BIOS update.

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