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Finished Programs / Re: DONE: make folder set out of a txt file
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:59 AM »
In my case, in my text were included "?" symbols, and I wanted them to be removed, but instead it were replaced by "_".

Please add in Options:
In a case there is an invalid character, the program will replace it with this string:[_____]
(_ by default)

Do you know how to control the size/position of the icon inside?

I didn't try yet the new ImagesToIcon,
but I did some tests, and I figured out that, if you edit the desktop.ini file within the created folder, you will be able to move/rename the created folder as you wish.
You need just to remove the path part like this:

Another thing to add, a suggestion, you can make 2 checkboxes:
[ ] Create a folder
[ ] Create a FolderIcon.ico

If user check the both 2 checkboxes, it means you need to create 2 icons:
1 hidden icon for the new created folder, within the folder like the file desktop.ini
1 not-hidden icon as FolderIcon.ico

It's always better to have an open-source code, for customization.

Now that I'm thinking about it,
there are some cases that the user needs only the icon, without applying it on a chosen folder, like if he wants to use the icon in Classic Explorer Bar of Classic Shell.
So I think that this progam should only create an icon. (and not trying to apply it on a chosen folder)

As you have already understood, the new icon will consist of three layers.
1. Folder png [256x256]
2. User Image [Resized to: ???][I don't know what's default. It will be advanced if the user will able to decide on resize and location X Y Z]
3. Flip png [256x256]

I think it will be better to give the user the default folder pngs: 1. and 3.
so that he will be able to replace the 1. and 3. layers with other folders templates.

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