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Rotating user agent ... like rotating number plates.

Detects and suppreses Phorm tracking, maintains opt outs, logs unexpected browsers activity and phorged cookie setting.

yes, i use secret agent in firefox but its not enough.

seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to take an existing copy of opera or firefox portable and also download and store the extension xpi files locally (noscript, request policy, cookie monster, ghostery etc etc), store the user agents locally (iirc one usr agent ext help website has a file of thousands to choose from - just store it locally and let the program select one randomly for each browser built), have a few different user.js and prefs.js files and then have a program that spits out numerous disposable copies of these portable browsers. 


    internet privacy and anonymity is a problem these days.  was wondering if its possible to code a small program that takes existing folder of Firefox portable and/or Opera portable and makes slight changes to to the setup, like some minor extensions added or removed, a random user agent selected, random (lesser used) fonts added or removed - each of these things would make it more difficult for the tracking and profiling companies to get an accurate browser fingerprint.  in effect you would appear to have a unique and random and disposable browser each time you surfed the web.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 02, 2013, 03:32 PM »
I think you're a bit overprotective here. I'm getting weather data from 6 or 7 locations around the world, so my physical location is not necessarily related to the weather I'm monitoring :tellme:

For comparisons: Do you use such proxy to retrieve your twitter or Facebook updates?

i don't use twitter or facebook or google, etc (or any other companies that make their money off buying + selling personal data, while pretending to offer their services for free) and additionally i block them thru the hosts file.
all this stuff like gmail google docs google chrome etc was supposed to be free free free and then you find later they were reading your all emails and compiling profile data on you, tracking you all over the internet from their search engine, and their google analytics and adsense from the other side  - it was all a big scam. they made their money by selling off other people's privacy without their knowledge. just like all these firefox addons -  youtube downloader or this or that, just a scheme to track you and sell your data and its hidden in the fine print (or they dont even mention it at all - ANT downloader)

getting weather data from 5-10 diff locations thru the app might be an answer though.

yeah, that's not what i was looking for though.

 i was hoping i could set sWeather to use some random proxy

Ah, I see what you're after.  I don't think I'll add that, though, since I feel it's somewhat out of scope for a weather program.  Trying to maintain random proxy lists and such...sounds messy to me.

eh, i wasn't suggesting that you would maintain proxy lists, just that the user could set one in the program. maybe the proxy wouldn't even have to be changed too often if at all.

i don't blame you at all if don't want to add since most users prob wouldn't be too interested anyway.  as i'm not a programmer i was just curious though -  are there like pre-written modules that you can add to a program or on something like this would you have to write it from scratch and would it take quite a while to write?

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:55 PM »
I'm using sWeather with a network-proxy both at work and at home, atm, and it has worked ever since day 1 with those configs. I can pass the proxy servers without authentication, though.
I've always assumed it uses the IE/Windows proxy settings, but I never asked nor checked :-[, but you could try that first, I guess?

That's right; I do remember changing that for you a while back.  plk, sWeather should use what you have set for your IE proxy.  Are you not seeing this behaviour?

yeah, that's not what i was looking for though.

 i was hoping i could set sWeather to use some random proxy that was different than the one i was using in my browser at the time, that way Yahoo can't co-ordinate the browsing data to my sWeather location.  (since sWeather is going to basically give them my Zip Code it defeats purpose of geting a new IP with a VPN)  i'm just trying to prevent them building their data profiles on me.

Thanks for your excellent program btw.  If its a lot of work to add proxy support maybe its not worth it.  i just saw this proxy availability in another app(tapin radio) and i thought it was cool. 

Post New Requests Here / Run several programs then shutdown
« on: January 27, 2013, 05:03 PM »
I'm not sure, maybe there already is a program already out there that does this easily, but i would like to
run several programs in a row like CCleaner, BleachBit, ATF Cleaner, and then maybe a defrag utility, maybe a few others and then when they are done, have the computer shutdown.  Also some of these utilities are on a separate partition from the Windows C: drive if that makes any difference.  i guess a batch file could do the job but i googled around and it was still too complicated for my dimbulb mind, lol.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sWeather (tray-based weather app)
« on: January 27, 2013, 04:27 PM »
What about add proxy support?  

All these companies like Yahoo, Google, etc make their money by tracking and profiling people for targeted advertising and they love to have location data on you, like a ZIP CODE.  nice to send them a dummy IP.

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