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Ah yes fixed the screenshot, sorry about that.  I had thought it would allow a click for larger image by posting a thumb.

I may be doing it wrong then when clicking and using the Ctrl+ Arrows.  Or possibly my laptop is the problem.  Either way I'll see if I can figure it out. -smiles-

Hello Mouser,

I'm using a non-full size bar.  What I've done is make a few menus splitting up my shortcuts/icons in order to minimize the length of the bar and make it easier separating work from "play".  Then I set it to either auto hide or remain visible (when needing to access it often).

The only thing I've noticed is I have to set the bar to force sizable in the configuration/settings as well as toggle the dock to unlock from edge each time I need to re-size it.  Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts or so to get it to stay at the desired size.  

There are no grab bars or way to do so as shown in the tutorial videos.  Within the program itself when right clicking on the bar it states to click then Ctrl and drag to re-size...haven't had any luck getting that to work.  This is the case when it is a full size bar as well.  Possibly I'm missing some setting or configuration?

Otherwise the non-full size bar works great!

In case it helps or the info is needed...  running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Thanks for a great program!

I really like this program a lot.  It's very useful and handy to have so thanks for creating it!  However, the font size within the LaunchBar Commander UI is so small!

There are many that have vision issues preventing them from seeing and reading such small text.  At the very least it causes great eye strain.  When this happens while using programs many simply quit using those programs (no matter how useful it may be) and search out another that is more easily used.  It also prevents people from donating or buying licenses and keys for permanent usage since the program is difficult to work with for those individuals.

Now I know most will simply say...  Adjust your resolution and settings - this however changes the entire system and not just the one (1) program where it's needed.  Using a magnifier is also not a very good option as it's very cumbersome.

So, my question and suggestions:

Is it possible to either adjust the font and size for the UI and options itself to one larger... or add that as an individual option to the UI that users can adjust and change as needed (which would be better in my opinion)?


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