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Submission for this contest.
Forecasting of the financial markets

Forecasting of the financial markets for developed and less developed countries of the world
For a demo daily efficiency of strategy of forecasting of base and fast systems on the average 70 % - 80 %.
The project of game strategies developed for financial markets by definition of the causal moments of market movements.
For definition of the determined movement of the market we offer to use as the basic approach methodology of the coordinated spectral analysis stated in article R.S. Rutman " On phisical iterpretations of fractional itegration and differentiation ", from University of Massachusetts, published in Russian magazine " Theoretical and mathematical physics", volume 105, № 3, in December 1995.

You can download it here:

Borland C++ Builder Contest / Game ChessT1 entry
« on: August 09, 2006, 06:28 AM »
Submission for this contest.
Game ChessT1

Tactics and calculation of variants are the basis in chess.All grandmasters of chess art wholly possessed a gift for that. We offer you for solving  brilliant, calculated exactly combinations from   famous masters. We wish you victory in competitions.
For loading a list of proposed chess exercises, choose a task from the list of exercises command Select. For independent decision press by the mouse on the figure you want to move. The figure chosen by you becomes red. For canceling the choice of figure press by the mouse for the second time on the figure. Click by the mouse on the field you want to put the figure. If you make the right motion, the system will move for the other part or say Solved. If chosen motion is wrong, the system will notify you and the figure's colour remains red. With the help of command Undo cancel the wrong motion. Command ShowMove will suggest current motion if you have difficulties in making your own decision. To watch the solution, press the command Show. For reterning the exercise to starting point there is a command Restart. Exit will allow you to finish the work.

You can download it here:

Borland C++ Builder Contest / Came CowBullWord entry
« on: August 08, 2006, 07:22 AM »
Submission for this contest.
Game "CowBullWord"

Brief Description
Game "CowBullWord" is like game "Cows and Bulls", only words are used here instead of numbers. You are allowed to name only nouns in the nominative case of a singular and only in unusual cases in plural. The quantity of letters in the thought word is known. "Bulls" - letters on their places and "Cows" - letters not on the place.

Stages of guessing a word. The first stage of guessing a word. There are no repeating letters in each word. It is necessary to watch total number of the guessed letters. For words of 3, 4 - letters this stage can be finished, having on 1 guessed letter less. For words of more than 4 letters the quantity of the guessed letters should be equal to length of a word. The second stage. It is used for words consisting of more than 4 letters. The more letters you exclude, the easier to reveal used letters. In the beginning of a stage it is better not to mix the letters from more, than two words named at the first stage. Thus it is necessary to consider and "bulls", i.e. position of letters. The third stage. It is necessary to place letters on a place. Necessity and efficiency of this stage depends on the information about "bulls", especially without "cows". The fourth stage. Try to guess the thought word.

Game field is divided into 4 parts. In the left bottom corner there is the keyboard with a control window of an entered word. To enter a word it is possible with the help of a mouse, clicking by the left button on letters, or directly in a control window of an entered word from the keyboard of a computer. If to click on the letter of the keyboard with the right button of a mouse, it is possible to mark it with color. While clicking on a big button " Input " or a key "Enter" of PC keyboard a word from a control window is given to "Bull" for reflection, the results of which are fixed on a board. There are also additional buttons on the keyboard, in its bottom part. Button " Dump " - clears a control window of an entered word. Button " Face " - deletes 1 letter from a control window of an entered word. Button " Surrender " - means your defeat, "Bull" will inform you the thought word. It is possible to click also on the number showing the length of the thought word to change it (from 3 up to 9). In the right bottom corner: The designer of a word – use it at your own discretion. For example, place there the guessed letters. Vocabulary – It is possible to peep a lexicon of "Bull" and enter a word directly from it. Level – It is rather adjustment of parameters of a game for less or more complex variant.
pre> Parameter Vocabulary Guessing BABY - with sifting shown KINDERGARTEN - with sifting not shown SCHOOLBOY - accessible shown STUDENT - not accessible shown PROFY - accessible not shown MASTER - not accessible not shown

There is a pasture with furious "Bull" in the left top corner. This "Bull" carries out a role of the leader. It thinks of a word and answers, how many letters you have guessed, how many of them are bulls and how many cows. There is a black board of the report in the right top corner. "Bulls'" answers are fixed on it. It is impossible to change anything in the report. If you cannot solve the thought word for a long time, a strip of scrolling appears on a board. By sifting the vocabulary you make "Bull" itself guess a word. By the way, enter the word You, and "Bul", after thinking, removes unnecessary words from the vocabulary.
The colors of the keys on the keyboard

If you click with the right button of a mouse on the letter it will be painted in
- black, if a letter isn't named;
- blue if the letter is named;
- red, if there is no letter in the word;
- green, if there is letter in the word.

Sometimes "Bull" itself marks for you by these colors the letters of the keyboard. If you click with the right button of a mouse not on the letter, it is possible either to mark in red all not named letters till now (supposing, that they are not present in a word), or to colour keyboard in black (having got confused or not trusting to yourselves).
You can download it here:

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