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Change, I'm curious why you favour Dropbox over JungleDisk for versioned files (I havent used Dropbox myself - I have "applied" but havent heard from them *)

I'm using Filehamster to version my important files - then I backup the Filehamster versions so it prob wouldnt make much difference to me (at the moment) but as I say - curious
I favor Dropbox for versioned files because:
- it's easier to use for me
- files are backed up immediately
- biggest advantage: Dropbox is free :) (versioning in JD = more data traffic & more storage = $$)
- I haven't figured out how to sync things across computers with JD yet :P (using Dropbox for that too, next to FolderShare, which I use for bigger amounts and larger files)

I could setup an extra bucket in JD and change its schedule to every 5 minutes to have a similar effect. The advantage with JD would be encrypted storage for the versioned files (complete privacy & security) - Dropbox doesn't offer that. I noticed another downside with Dropbox for me with versioning that JD doesn't have: every save counts as a new version and that can add up very quickly for me since I tend to save very often (became a habit after losing changes in the past).

I did use FileHamster too, but I got annoyed with the many popups asking me if I want to delete versions, add files or other things. Using a lot of diskspace too because it's not storing the diff but the whole changed file. Also didn't feel like I had a lot of control over which versions I'd like to have saved and kept automatically. I'm sticking to CVS/SVN for development versioning now, Dropbox/JD for the rest.

justice: FolderShare still has the same disadvantages. Another one I forgot to mention: it seems to lock files while syncing. It's pretty annoying when I'm working in Dreamweaver and need to do many saves to check in the browser if the changes have done what I was aiming for. All the time I get the "file locked" error message.. So if there is another free solution for syncing large amounts of data without these disadvantages, then I'd love to give that a try. Or maybe I should just separate my data a bit better depending on how I use it.. :P

So I'm now looking to move my archived files off JungleDisk and onto something else and then see what the bill will be. Also looking at Dropbox for syncing, maybe its more seamless.
Why not use FolderShare? Unlimited space for free because it's not stored online. You don't have versions, but it works perfectly fine for syncing. Only downside, I believe, is that both computers need to be connected for the sync to work (until it's done syncing).

I was actually in the same boat as you and figured I needed several backup solutions if I didn't want to spend tons on online storage. I eventually settled for:
* JD for important files that can change often (email, documents, program settings, desktop etc.)
* Flickr for storing and sharing photos (unlimited)
* FolderShare for syncing
* Dropbox for sharing or when I need versioned files
* 2 portable harddisks which I will store in remote locations and sync every 6 months (to store my music collection, another copy of my photos just in case, installation files etc.)

I've been using Copernic Desktop Search since ages and not found a better one yet, though the latest versions seem to eat up 100% CPU for no reason relatively often, forcing me to kill the process when I need to do something more important.

I'm also using AvaFind, of which I bought the Pro version yesterday since I wanted to add network search capability. I know it's not being developed anymore since a long time, but I still haven't found a better replacement for it. It's just extremely fast when you know the filename or extension you need (esp. when using shift-esc to pop it up). No other solution has popped up faster for me, except for FARR, which serves another purpose.

You could also consider the myurlbar_a extension:
Changes the url bar to allow typing of names instead of addresses. Priority is as follows: bookmarks names, history names, history urls.

It really is a shame though that it's not being developed anymore:
Lev's homepage (developer myurlbar_a).

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Avafind mini review
« on: March 12, 2007, 02:25 AM »
AvaFind does not index the contents of files and does not index emails either. It's purely to find files fast (much faster than the bigger search programs, especially if you include startup time of the search/results screen) and the ability to perform explorer tasks on the files.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Avafind mini review
« on: March 11, 2007, 02:18 PM »
I love AvaFind because of its simplicity and extremely fast startup time (to get to the screen and search). I just tried X1 but find it too complicated and slow.. I'd rather use Copernic instead of X1. I use Copernic for thorough finding and searching through email and documents, and AvaFind for quick file searches.

About the problems the previous poster mentioned:
- I never noticed AvaFind making my PC slow or using too many resources. Even when it's creating its cache, my PC is not slow. I very rarely had to refresh the cache, but when I did, it was done within 15 minutes (500GB+) and the computer remained responsive.
- I've only experienced AvaFind crashes on startup when Windows crashed or was closed down improperly before. This is an experience from several PC's.
- Fair point about the mount points, that is a shame.

Too bad this program is not being developed actively anymore. I love it and it would be nice if it would be improved.

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