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General Software Discussion / Re: Editable daily plain text reminder
« on: January 18, 2015, 06:02 PM »
I wrote a freeware w/source(HotBasic) for all windows .
I call it Cliplog/ClipFind .
A simple but powerful duo , Total size 76kb uncompressed :

Program name: ClipLog and ClipFind
Author: Vernon Marsden

CLipLog is a simple windows program

that watches the Windows ClipBoard.

Any 'COPY text' action will trigger ClipLog,

to LOG the 'CopiedText' into a disk file (yyyymmdd.txt).

ClipLog also time_stamps each 'CopiedText' entry,

and ceates a new 'yyyymmdd.txt' file for each day.

ClipLog is portable freeware, no changes are made

to your computer. Simply create a new Folder,

perhaps named "C:\CLipLog". And copy the

file into it. UnZip the file.

Now there should be 5 files in the CLipLog Folder,, ClipLog.exe, ClipLog.bas(HotBasic sourceCode), ClipLog.ico, ClipFInd.exe, ClipFind_Help.txt .

Newly created Log files will also reside in this same Folder.

ClipLog has five buttons,

1) [Send ClipLogWindow to TaskTray]  makes ClipLog

run invisible, except for a visible Icon in the TaskTray.

    You can make ClipLog visible again, by doubleClicking

    on its TaskTray Icon.

2) [FIND]  startup the ClipLog’s Search Program, ClipFind.

3) [HELP] Dislpays ClipLog/ClipFind Help DOCs in Browser.

4) [EXIT] Exits program.

5) [SHOW Files FOLDER] This brings up winExplorer showing

Your ClipLog FOLDER.

You might want to created a CLipLog.lnk (shortcut).

And put it into your StartUp Folder. Perhaps here:

"C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup".

Then ClipLog will be started automatically, at each system startup.

ClipFind is a search program for your ClipLog yyyymmdd.txt files.

Finds text in all [.txt , .bas , .html] files in current or selected directory. The default search directory is where ClipFind.exe and ClipLog.exe are located.

==Search starts with "Enter" key in search text box or with "Find It" button.

==Keyboard arrows navigate search results; "Space" selects item and "Enter" displays item.

==Result items can be selected with key or mouse doubleclick and displayed.

Your browser is launched to display .html result files.

=="Escape" exits result display or exits program.

=="Tab" switches focus between search text box and search results list.

Search text examples:

" mod " finds fewer hits than "mod".

" hex" finds fewer hits than "hex".

How I use ClipLog/Find:

Its easy to find URLs, by searching for “http or www”. For other things, like Quotes, I imbed the word “quote” within/before/ or after the copied text.

I use the same method for other types of info,  such as “appt  for appointment”, “paid”, "passw", “phone”,  “todoDone”, “todoOpen”, "RegKey", “wishlist”, "email", "Phone", "Name", "addr", "badsite", well you get the idea.

This way ClipLog is also a Personal information manager (PIM). 

Hope this helps someone, Happy Trails!...Vernon

End of Text

PsPad does a great job with 'column capture'
and its freeware , and portable .

AgentRansack beats them all
and its free...

pdf UGH !
I don't like pdf , its a bohemoth .
So I use Calibre to convert pdf to HTML .

"persistant tag"...sounds interesting.

I can see an image that i copied "'on the popup from 'leftclick TaskTray icon'",
but it doesn't show on the main menu.
How to show in main window?

I just watched the 2 'Clipboard Help+Spell' videos.
Wow, chs does a lot. So I am trying it out.
Maybe i'll just type in a TAG, after copy,
or is there a list of TAGs that i could build & Click on?

Normally i use FastStone_Capture, but 'screenShot captor' looks interesting,
so i downloaded it to.   

My Clipboard Help+Spell  will run portably, will save each captured image to its own image file, will capture all text.  but will does not save text clips in plaintext files, does not prompt for tags.

I am looking at your Clip Help&Spell (CHS),
The ClipNaming screen looks promising.
Use it for keeping hierarchical notes - search, sort, filter by text, modification date, last view date
How does the "keeping hierarchical notes - search" work?


So, just to rephrase to make sure I understand -- if you clip an image or a text item, you want your clipboard manager to save each item as a separate file?

  And then at each clip, ask you for a tag
At each Text clip, yes.
Actually, It would be better, to set an option to SaveAsDefaultTag  OR
   PromptForTagEachTIme, for each Text clip.
But then when TaskBar_Icon is LeftClicked, cbPgm auto_opens to the last item in running file.
Which allows user to change Tag.
Which is good reason to have all the ButtonTags visible.
Also, I would like the program to be invisible, except for TaskBar Icon.
I don't care for TaskTray icons, because it often requires more strokes.

and use that tag info for the foldername (using the time stamp as the filename)?

  With buttons for the tags you tend to use frequently?
Yes. User defined Tags.

Also, if it's text, keep a copy in a running file as well.


with each snippet time stamped

Yes. And each snippet contains its initial TAG.
And each snippet in the running file, is a separate entity,
so that it can be CLICKed, which allows cbPgm (clipboardProgram)
to edit the snippet(and even change the TAG).

so you can clean out the items that are older than your time limit?
No. The time limit has to do with when cbPgm ENDs the current running file, 
and starts a new running file.
And portable as well?
Yes please.

Fwiw I just use Ditto (, which is fantastic for my use but unfortunately will not satisfy your needs.

I have downloaded/tried 12 freeware cb programs so far.
But none do the above.


I have been trolling for a Portable clipBoard program:

Basically, I want a clipB program that will autoSave all copied images (with original FileType).
AutoSave all copied text (as separate file * ),
but (optional) prompt for a TAG for 'saved text Category'
(FolderName = TagName, FileName = date/time):
User defined BUTTON TagNames: Quote,  Html, Url, Colors, ReVisit, ToDo, EmailTo,  
C-programming, HotBasicProgramming, Default, Research, etc...
(maybe user defined TagNames in  *.ini file).  

* but also keep a running tab of all text copy's (as one file),
since last 'user defined' interval (new day, or last startup, or date time).
And be able to go back and Edit/ReTag an item.

If there is already a cbProgram that does the above, pls, let me know.


General Software Discussion / Re: Overlap Wallpaper
« on: March 22, 2012, 01:45 PM »
OverlapWallpaper, very nice.
I have been using Skwire's FrameLess for this overlapping.
But yours has more features.

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Copy Text From Error Windows
« on: March 21, 2012, 06:51 PM »
It doesn't work for all windows messages.
See Attachment:

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