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Hmm that is odd, i'm going to have to check that out -- there is no reason you should get that error.

jamesthebod you could also look into telling farr not to use its QuickDoc Launcher helper, and other launch options: (see attachment in previous post)

Thanks, I did that, that solved the problem. Then I reset it back again, to use the launch helper, using default method, and now it works fine, as before. So I don't why this worked, but it did.

I recently updated Find and Run on my Windows 7 from 2.102.03  to 2.105.01.

With the new version, every time I try to launch an app from Find and run, i get a message box headed "command line argument error" and the message is "-1". When I click OK on this, I then get another message box headed "bad invocation of Quickdoclauncher", with the message "--1".

I reverted to the previous version and everything works OK again. I don't see this problem posted before, does anyone know why this is happening?

Mobysaurus / Too many synonyms, too many not relevant
« on: November 10, 2007, 04:42 AM »
Sorry to have to be negative about Mobysaurus.  I simply find that it throws up far too many supposed synonyms, many of them bearing only the faintest link to the initial word.

In principle it is a good idea, but it really needs to have the synonyms categorized in some way, perhaps also using some scoring method.  The trouble with all thesauruses (or should that be thesauri?) is that they only use the information by one word given by the user, which cannot be qualified.  If the user could also give a second or maybe a third word to help qualify the initial word, then the words that score highly for both the initial and the auxialliary words would be at the top of the list.

I had been looking around at desktop searches since my copy of X1 seemed to be getting slow at waking up from the tray.  Then after installation of other software it refused to wake up at all.  I uninstalled it completely and re-installed it (X1 Enterprise Client Version 5.6.2) , and it's brilliant, back to the way it was before.  So I'm not going to bother looking elsewhere.

BTW re
... consider the developer: from their standpoint the WHOLE WORLD is out there trying to rip them off, either by sharing licenses or cracks
... how to protect their baby from being pirated.
... people WILL find a way around it.
... So everyone loses...
... The author gets a bad reputation (because even honest users are annoyed) and potential customers are turned off before they can evaluate anything.

I don't understand the author's point.  He says that preventing piracy is impossible, and then he seems to say that despite that, it's OK to annoy potential customers trying to prevent piracy, an attempt that he admits is futile.  Why doesn't he just accept that software developers are shooting themselves in the foot by annoying potential customers?


...more precise results and will be lighter on resources...

I agree that the 10000 files limit could be an annoying surpise : it is NOT advertised.
Is an unadvertised 10000 file limit on a free trial really the same as falsely promoting something under the "freeware" tag when it's in fact... a trialware?

In terms of misleading the person downloading the software, there is no difference.  It's a lie, plain and simple.  Not the truth.  Trying to sucker someone into installing your software under false pretenses.  That's why I wouldn't use such software.

If Archivarius really is "more precise results and will be lighter on resources", surely the software authors would like me to check this on all my files?  The limitation seems to me just a way of avoiding a true comparison with other software - until you've parted with your cash, when it's too late.

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