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  • December 12, 2019, 01:12 PM
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>One of the tiny little feature requests I have is this (I got the idea from KMP):
We have it, but as a hidden feature (because not much people need it). Search for "VolumeStep" in LA.xml file, and change it from 5 to any desired value you want.

P.S. Yesterday, I released 4.6.0 RC-2a, interim version before RC-3 with fix of a few critical issues(like crash with subtitle timing), direct link: http://www.light-all...RC-2a_build-1797.rar, changelog:
[ + ] Preferences->Interface: new checkbox.
[ + ] Preferences->Keyboard: menu was fully redesigned
[ + ] Support for multimedia keys on Windows-compatible keyboard.
[ + ] Some optimizations in players. Further improvements in this area will be made in RC-3.
[ + ] Added link to bugtracker in 'about'.
[ = ] Preferences: "global keys" and "Winamp" tabs has been deleted.
[ = ] Preferences: fixed height, to make fit preferences window to typical netbook screen resolution.
[ = ] Updated internal splitters and mediainfo components in video engine.
[ - ] Fixed loading of m3u files.
[ - ] Fixed player crash with empty playlist.
[ - ] Fixed impossbility of loading a plugin written in C++.
[ - ] Fixed tickets: #6, #7, #8, #10, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #21, #22, #25, #36, #38, #40, #44, #46, #47, #51, #61, #66
[ - ] Fixed some problems with multi-display support. Tickets - #29, #48.
[ - ] 'File information' dialog didn't display info about aspect ratio.
[ - ] Fixed player crash when you trying to change subtitle timing.

But one of users told me that he experience some issues with skin(i.e PK-69) redrawing (but he has kinda outdated computer) on player window resize, may be skin system regression(not sure, because I cannot see same issue for me), so don't be too strict :) Anyway, we're working on completely new skin system for RC-3.

>I will have to take another look at LightAlloy.
Don't review 4.6.0 RC-2, since it buggy a bit, wait for 4.6.0 RC-3 (i'll also notify here somewhere when it became available, approximately we plan to release it in 25 August, just when we finish with rewrite major parts of code for unicode support and finish move to Delphi XE).
By the way, about your review, just had read it, well I liked it :) Very objective and unprejudiced review.

>and accessible dev with English speaking ability
Actually, anyone who has problems with player can easily add me to his ICQ/Skype/Live account for technical support/suggestions, I'm open-minded about it.

>What would make me choose Light Alloy over KMP?
It's depends. If you need not much heavy player, and you don't need a lot of tweaks that KMP/Potplayer provide you, and if you not gonna play some very extra rare media formats(that MPC-HC also cannot support), than you can drop a look at Light Alloy. Plus, since we use MPC-HC's codecs/splitters, all what is MPC can play also Light Alloy can to play.

P.S. And just a few words, about english-speaking users support. I was actually thinking, that no one use my video player outside of Russian-speaking countries, but as I can see at least a few people use it :) So if any problems with player ooccur for you, feel free to write to: our forums (my nickname there is "Vortex"), or to mine e-mail - , or skype/icq/livemessenger
P.P.S And again sorry for my bad English.

>So, how much has Light Alloy developed; what are the pros and cons, now?
Well, since I'm a head developer of Light Alloy, my opinion can be slightly preconceived, but I will try to be objective.
I would prefer to start with cons:
 - Lack of unicode support (gonna be fixed in Light Alloy 4.6.0 RC-3)
 - Some performance issues (also gonna be fixed in 4.6.0 RC-3)
 - Same problems with codecs, as MPC-HC has (since we use MPC-HC's codecs/splitters, but slightly modified to fit our needs).
 - Lack of online-video support (url/rtsp, we have plans to add support for it in 4.6.1)
 - Video-oriented player, not audio (major changes about this gonna happen in Light Alloy 5.0)
 - Playlist without tabs.
 - No looking up subtitles online (planned for LA 4.6.1 or 5.0)
 - No uICE support, WinLIRC only
 - Newer versions (4.6.0 RC-1/2) are buggy and can stop respond (because of very active development since August 2010 and major changes in code, in 2007-2010 development of player was actually stopped), but we working on it :)
 - Not unified look (additional windows like subtitle options/picture options and so on are not skinned at all), but we gonna something to do with it in 4.6.0 RC-3.

 - Well, it can play video with dxva :)
 - It can show you charge of your notebook battery when you watching movie -- -- sorry, but I can't show you real-case screenshot because I haven't notebook. :)
 - It has timeline, instead of progressbar. -- (first one - it's timeline in LA)
 - It has media-oriented open dialog -- http://sourceforge.n...r_open_dialog_en.jpg -- with highlight recently created files/folders
 - Not so much options, like KMPlayer/PotPlayer have -- http://sourceforge.n...t/scr_options_en.jpg -- and I think its a good decision. I think there is very small amount of people who need full-set of features/tweaks that KMP/Potplayer provide.
 - Easy accessable subtitle options dialog -- http://sourceforge.n.../scr_mw_subsopts.jpg -- with a lot of options out-of-box (others hided in Preferences->OSD->Subtitles).
 - Can create screenshots with customized OSD info: http://www.light-all...r/screenshot_osd.jpg
 - Allows to create customized thumbnails.
   Settings: http://www.light-all.../thumbs_settings.jpg
   Result: http://www.light-all.../dcoder/TrueGrit.png -- "Additional" shows you presence of embedded subs/chapters in file.
 - Most player button in control panel are click-able via right mouse button -- http://www.light-all...coder/adds_menus.jpg -- for easy to access to often requested options (for example, right click on 'sound options' button will show you pop-up with audio streams available to switch).
 - Scheduler - http://www.light-all...dcoder/scheduler.jpg
 - Easy File/Subtitles browser like in GomPlayer -- http://www.light-all.../easyfilebrowser.jpg -- also controlable via WinLIRC.
 - Popup menu with often uses functions - http://www.light-all...dcoder/popupmenu.jpg (i would not say about it like a 'pros', but anyway)
But after all, its just another media player :) No actual pros/cons.

P.S. Since August 2010 its fully freeware. Also home page and forums can be displayed in english language, not only russian.
P.P.S. Mine pros/cons based on Light Alloy 4.6.0 RC-1, but battery charge screenshot has been made in 4.6.0 RC-3 (this feature available also in v4.5, but without battery preview like on screenshot which has been added in v4.6.0)
P.P.S Sorry for my bad English.

>Any fluent Russians here?
Me, for example. :)

>I'm glad to know that it is still being pretty actively developed, but only for the Russian community. 
Well, actually it's not. In our forums,, you can see 'Choose your language' dropdown, so you can easily change forum display language, and post any you want in 'English support forum' thread. I actually allow to post even in sections of forum where mostly people speak in russian, but it's just because no one seems to post in English section of forum, so I don't create new english sections(for bugs, suggestions, icons, plugins, skins and so on).

And, about bug tracker. We don't use hostedredmine anymore, now we swtiched to sourceforge bugtracker - http://sourceforge.n...projects/lightalloy/ (click on Tickets there)

Sorry for my bad English :)

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