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Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Vopt 9 defragger free
« on: August 16, 2016, 09:30 AM »
In a recent email from Elizabeth at VOPT, she informs me that the company is closing down after 35 years of work.  Read:  No more updates to VOPT, I would suspect.

Hey Guys, this is some very serious stuff!  You are on the verge of having your lifeblood altered for pay.  The ISP's got Tom Wheeler installed as Chairman of the FCC and he is doing his job... selling the public out to his cronies and ex cronies at OUR expense.  He is proposing a Fast Lane (the corporate ISP buddies) and a Slow Lane (for the rest of the lame jerks that take it lying down).  But all is not yet lost if you get up off your butt and send that important email.  Altho the FCC, Tom and two Democrats voted 3-2 to sell out, they also decided to allow four months of "lets hear it from the public" and for EVERYONE that has an internet connection, they need to send that letter.  It will have worldwide consequences if we don't speak up.  Tom Wheeler answered one of my letters and said that he was all for "Open Internet" and would fight for it... but he DIDN'T mention Net Neutrality which is whats at stake.  You can compose your comments on this site... and you have about 115 days left to comment... so why not send them 10-20 comments?  The action that you should be looking forward to is that Internet Service be passed to Title II services such as telephone, telegraph, etc. that CANNOT be pieced out to ISP's that want to chop up the market to fill their pockets.  And I am not only talking about US residents who will be affected... but the whole world!  If Ver/ATT/Comc control the internet in the US, anytime you or me in a foreign country resolves a URL that has anything to do with passing thru the USA, it will be split... into the Fast Land and the Slow Lane... where do you want to be?  Wouldn't it seem reasonable that the internet should be neutral?  Neutral in its equal treatment of all users and not MORE equal for some.  So guys, get involved and don't just read the pessimistic blogs of the "lay down and take it" folks that think that the guvment will just tell you what to do... remember, your taxes pay those bums wages and you have every right to demand what you want the internet to be!  So plz decide to sent your comments to the FCC right away.  Thanks.

I have THREE Panasonic Lumix  Point 'n Shoots and like all things with "replaceables", each comes with a different SHAPED battery, altho one has 10% more capacity.  I then got a notice from Panasonic to "Upgrade" the internal chip so that I could only use the $39 batteries and never the $9 ones... I didn't upgrade and still use the two extra $9 batteries and I cannot tell the difference when they are in the camera!  Same amount of video, snaps, etc.  So they are "no brand" 3.7v 1400mAh and of course, "Made in China".  If you figure that you can get more than FOUR "No Brand" batteries for the price of ONE OEM battery, then I am pretty sure that even if the No Brand failed... again and again, when you buy your FIFTH No Brand, you will have reached the OEM price.  Its like inkjet cartridges and laser powder... you can pay $139 and get 4000 copies or pay $11.30 and "only" get 3,750 copies!   Worse now, they are even coding inkjet cartridges with DATE Expirations!  What next?  Bottom line... don't be a victim of the marketing ploys out there!

General Software Discussion / Re: best WYSIWYG html editor
« on: April 02, 2012, 10:51 PM »
Hi Gang, I have been selected to put up a web site for our Neighborhood Association (in Spanish) and altho I have very little experience and even less time to spend on it, I have been told to use something that the President can add to, like meeting announcements on Page 1 that he could email to the site.  I have looked around and seem to feel that WordPress would be the better choice for us.  It needs to have a front page with the latest news, it also needs a Forum where Registered visitors can ask and comment.  It also needs a Data Base for correspondence to and from the Association that is only available to members (via password, I would expect) and a General Data base where we could put documents from the City that affect our work and progress.  It also requires a Photo Album section open to all.  Not an easy task as I suspect.

I just happen to have the necessary hosting space described as "unlimited sites and unlimited storage and traffic" which I pay for in 4 year chunks (but seldom use to its extent)

But there are some inconveniences.... some of the folks accessing the site would do so only with DialUp (and yes, it still exists here in balmy Costa Rica) so no sexy Flash stuff on the basic pages as the wait might discourage their participation and Participation is what we want.

I am wide open to any suggestions that anyone wants to make.  Thanks.

Sort of OT, but valid observations, nevertheless.  And just WHAT has happened in the past to make people reluctant to PAY for software?  Is it because some may feel that that they are being exploited?  Is it because in order to have an OS, the pricing has made someone one of the richest persons in the world?  Is it because a person may want to use an "expensive" proggy just a few times and it works out to be too expensive per use?  Then just WHAT is it that moves a person to NOT want to pay for software?  It will surely be more difficult for the programmer to figure that out.

I, for instance, was always amazed at the asking price for designing/setting up a web site... $1,000?  Get real.  Then I started dabbling in making a site of my own and WOW! what an ordeal and what a lot of time it takes and what a lot of knowledge is required to make it come out right.  I recall in the mid '90's that a guy I knew made $100/hour doing Photoshop as a freelancer and I was impressed... but his investment in study and practice was mind-boggling... he earned every penny and altho "just" a programmer, he prolly had the education investment that an engineer or doctor might require.  So unless you have been down that road, it is difficult for the average person to understand the amount of work involved in "creation" where the results are saleable.  Of course now it has evolved that you pay full retail up front for a proggy, OS's are the most obvious example, and it is like buying a car with lots "missing" parts that you are "allowed" to acquire a few pieces at a time over the ensuing years, even having to replace some of those parts time and time again because the piece you "updated" caused other problems.  And finally, while they are dishing out parts to make your car more complete (when not counting their money), they are working on a new "model" and you are STILL struggling to get your original purchase altogether in one piece... then you must abandon it, buy the NEW model and spend the next few years acquiring parts for it.  That really DOES encourage piracy.  And the more useful and easy to use and productive programs are priced for "corporate consumption" and in many cases beyond the economic reach of Joe Blow.   So the logic is like music piracy... sure, it took a LOT of effort and talent and investment to make that first CD, but jeeeeez, why does the 5th million CD cost the same as the first one when all it did was sit in a CD reproducer for a second or two?  The logic then is sure, the first one may have cost a million, but number 5 million couldn't have cost more than 50-cents with the case.... and then the logic is "I would rather steal it than pay the $18.95 for a 50 cent CD.'

So guys, we KNOW who the heroes are but it may be hard to separate them from the rest. 

Back to topic.  "TipOff" does the job and well enough that I don't mind having to R click Properties and then Comment Tab to make my Notes... true, there could be an easier and faster way to make Comments but while there is no proggy to do it, I am satisfied with TipOff even tho it doesn't work on Folders... yet.  (But I AM put off by recalling the Comments that I have already made and find them highlighted which means that if I don't click first to UNhighlight my previous Comments, they disappear with the first key stroke of additional Comments! as if Comment REPLACEMENT was the idea.)  Thanks again for the help and the discussion.


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