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hi mouser,

i just stumbled over screenshot captor and start to quite like it, especially the scrolling window capture is something that seems handy (among all the other helpful and well-thought details of this powerful app).
i had very mixed results when trying capturing various scrollable containers:

firefox (3.5x)  gave very mixed results, sometimes fine, sometimes just the to section (no scrolled-iin sections seems to have been added)
thunderbird 3: seems like longer emails made trouble (i know its a weird thing to take screenshots of emails but there happen to be cases where it makes quite sense for me in combination with splice)
adobe acrobat reader (9.?) did not work very well at zoomed out (y100%) views
xplorer² (one of my altime favourite tools from seems to scroll not linear but aligns the lines in steps, my guess is this gives trouble to ssc

anyway, a nice tool, it i still like/use it in the next weeks i should seriously consider a donation...

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