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It's terrific!  Many thanks for adding the additional features.

BTW, are the column widths supposed to be settable and sticky?  I see the width info in the ini file, but the columns seem to open as something different.

Well, whattya know?  It works like a charm. The little round red X doesn't grey out like the text when the button is clicked, but one click does the job now.  I'll do more testing tomorrow.

Many thanks.

3 runs reeeally slow and the Cancel button still doesnt work. seems to work best, now that we know we can't run it from the temp directory.

4 required a TaskSwitcher intervention to kill it since it was using about 95% resources on my wimpy processor.  I tried fervently to get the Cancel button to work before that .. no go.

I was just thinking that a sortable column for the Modified Date as yyyy/mm/dd would be useful.  Would that be possible?

Also, Rt.-click Open Folder (a 'simple' Explorer window, without the tree .. faster).  Obviously this could only be an option for a single highlighted file.

If config.ini was instead named playtime.ini (whatever.ini actually, in case someone renames it), then there would be less potential conflicts with other programs in the same folder, should they be using the same config.ini name.


Ahh ha!  I often run apps I'm testing from the Windows temporary directory.  Well, I've found the very first one that won't work right if you do ..  it finds all the video files, but none of the audio.  Anyway, I moved it to the desktop and, voila, now it finds everything.

Kinda weird it doesn't work from %temp%, but heck, it doesn't need to.  Strange XP-sp1 bug, I guess.

Now, I wonder about the Cancel button which still doesn't work...

Thanks all.

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