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I installed Grep and took a look at it. It is a bit confusing to me, but I am going to keep it and try to learn more about using it.


I followed your example for the command line, output to a different folder, and it worked. I didn't mess it up. It even separated the output by dates!

I don't think I need to put it into a spreadsheet unless I want to try to colorize it. If I do, it would be easy enough for me to do it manually.


I love the name you came up with! I ran the .exe and the .ini file worked, but I can't find the output .csv file. What did I do wrong?

Be proud people! This is one of the few places where one does not have to be afraid of asking questions or asking for help.

To all of you, Thank You for your time and patience.

There is a text file for each day. So after a month there are 30 text files in the log folder.

Text file:
3/1/2011 19:22:16      Online!      26 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:23:16      Online!      24 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:24:21      Lost connection!      
3/1/2011 19:25:16      Online!      21 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:26:16      Online!      28 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:27:16      Online!      40 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:28:16      Online!      38 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:29:16      Online!      33 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:30:21      Lost connection!      
3/1/2011 19:31:16      Online!      37 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:32:16      Online!      49 msec.  IP:
3/1/2011 19:33:16      Online!      23 msec.  IP:

The end product in the spreadsheet is two columns. Each line is then colored grouping the dates together: all 03-01-11 would be yellow, all 03-02-11 would be blue, all 03-03-11 would be yellow, etc

3/1/2011 21:33:23      Lost connection!
3/1/2011 21:41:23      Lost connection!
3/1/2011 23:14:24      Lost connection!
3/3/2011 16:55:02      Lost connection!
3/3/2011 17:16:02      Lost connection!

My biggest problem is processing each text file one by one. I would like to process multiple text files at the same time. If I can get all the "lost connection" lines into an output file, inserting them into a spreadsheet would not be a problem for me.

'logfile analyzers'
I checked and they appear to be over my head and overkill for what I am trying to do.

Using the Find command at the command prompt sounds like it might work if it would process all the text files in the folder at the same time.

conditional formatting perhaps, odd dates one color, even dates another?
Great idea! I never thought of that. I'll have to learn how to do that.

Thanks to all for taking time to help out.

Could someone point me to the help file on posting screenshots for this forum?

I am monitoring my internet connection (cable TV, phone, and internet) due to previous issues with the service frequently dropping off line.

I am using "EasyNetMonitor" which sends out a ping to every minute and then makes a one line log entry of “online” or “lost connection”. Each day has it's own text log file in the "Log" folder. This gives me an idea of how many times the service drops out and something to show the cable provider.

I have been copying each text log file, importing it into a spreadsheet, sorting for "lost connection", copy the results to another tab, delete the old tab, and then format the cell backgrounds based on date using alternating colors. The end result is monthly columns showing each lost connection with the days set off by alternating colors.

It works, but I was hoping somebody could help me develop a better way to get the job done. I am not a coder and only know enough about spreadsheets, macros, and batch files to get into trouble.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am amazed at such a fast response. I'm sorry I didn't check back sooner. My only excuse is some long work days.

You Tube worked for me very well. I have never been very good at reading instructions or help files, but your videos got me hooked on learning more about your program.

I will look into URLSnooper this weekend and give it a try also.

Thank you Mouser and TucknDar

Mouser, thanks for doing this screencast series.

I'm having problems viewing them. They stop at random places and I have to start over again. I don't think I've gotten one to play all the way through. Its not your fault, its my old equipment. I'm using an old Gateway computer with Ubuntu as my primary OS and Win XP as a secondary. The equipment just can't handle online video, from any source, very well.

Would you allow your screencasts to be downloaded? If I can play them from my own machine, they will probably play through to the end.

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