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I sure understand that... I have the same behaviour on both my Win 7 computers (one 32bit and one 64bit). I am though going to install a new computer later this week so i can check everything again with the newest version of all programs. I'll get back on this.

And deatails, well... Nothing really happens (apart from normal drag action) when grabbing close to the top left corner and the edge method does not work either. Other windows (like firefox) work well though... Apart from msn things like the calculator and the "run" dialog does not work. Control panel and most other windows work though AND Msn Live Messenger in fullscreen mode!!!


Hmm... Does not work for me as admin either... Nor with compatibility mode nor any combination i have found  :huh:


I just want to say that I second that it does not move Windows Live Messenger for example (Win 7). Compatibility mode did not solve the problem for me though (tried XP SP3 and 2000).


JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Re: GridMove: Grids Here
« on: January 13, 2010, 05:15 AM »
Hi all!

After the last update of GridMove from jgpaiva making this possible I thought I'd share my first grid. The grid basically divides the screen in a 2x2 grid and also has one bonus grid for a middle main window with one or two sidebars around it.

But - what is more interesting is the maximize and stretch controls around the edge of the screen. Try them out and please tell what you think! Basically they all modify an existing window's size without moving it. The way I think that maximize and stretch controls should work!

Edit: As jgpaiva kindly reminded my I kinda missed one thing... To actually attach the grid :D   I actually thought about attaching an image of it but decided not to... I didnt think about the actual file though  :-[


My guess is that it is due to UAC (User Access Control) in Win Vista and Win 7. If you have problems i suggest right-clicking and choose "Run as administrator" when you want to make any changes. This means that the program will have access to write to files in different directories. If the ini is really located in the documents and settings path it _should_ work anyway though...

Give it a go anyway! (Since i dont have the problem I might be far off though ;)  )

Very nice  :Thmbsup: and (maybe apart from separate user profiles), im guessing, pretty simple change!

To me, the ability to set "current" is a very welcome addition and to many i think that the ability to omit the Grid section altogether also is welcome. I right now prefer the "miniview" type of triggers, but it is still nice to be able to build the trigger grid first and simply wait with the main grid for later.


thanks =)

And thanks again for the program in general :D

I have an ambitious grid-making project going on right now, i'll post in the other forum when it's done. Part 1 (the easy part) of 4 or 5 or so is done :)

Although... It might take a while since I'm actually supposed to study for some exams ;)


For #1:

Say you have the active window @ (t,l,b,r) = (50,100,150,200)
You drag it to the "extend left" cell which has the code
[GridLeft] = 0
GridTop, GridBottom and GridRight are all not there (or maybe "GridTop = " or "GridTop = current" or sth (same for the other two))

The behaviour I am looking for is "when value is not set, use current".

When the code above is carried out the new coords would be (t,l,b,r) = (50,0,150,200) - it will have extended left


Hi Victor!

Regarding #1, the intention really is to have the mouse select the place where you'd like to vertically/horizontally maximize the window, if you'd like to have only vertical maximize in the current position of the window, you can just use a plugin to do it, a simple program that moves the window to the desired dimensions. If no one else dos this, I may have some time to do it this weekend, if that's you request.

Regarding #2, I do understand how useful it would be to have that feature. However, I think that would involve writing a new method for reading the .grid files, which I really have no time to do :(

Being a coder myself I certainly can relate to how much time things take and realize that including variables would be a change that might require a rethink of the basic structure.

And for #1 - A program that only maximizes a window horizontally or vertically would, I think, would  be of limited functionality - I just personally think that the current behaviour (that it follows the mouse on one axis) is quite counterintuitive since each grid is specified so strictly. What however would be more useful would be the ability to omit a value (which would then not change). For example it would be possible to make a "change" control with functions like "expand/move" one cell left, stretch to top/bottom etc. And to be clear - this is not anything i really "need", i just think it would be really nice to have it!

Finally a quick question - is it possible to add labels in some way? I know that text show up for specific functions and external programs but is it possible to just add a label?



I have just started using gridmove on windows 7, I actually started using it so I could keep the right side of my 2nd monitor free for my gadgets ala vista sidebar style, which it works well for.  On using it more I actually much prefer it to the built in windows 7 aero snap, namely because it has proper multimonitor support and I can arrange windows side by side on a single monitor without using the keyboard.

The only thing missing from this program IMO is the undocking functionality windows 7 has in its own aero snap. Namely if I dock a window to the side with aero snap as soon as I undock it returns to its former size. With gridmove it stays the same size so I have to manually resize.

Is there any chance this functionality could be added? It would make this a really perfect little app if it could be done

Here's Hoping  :)
Hi andonevris!

Yes, I can relate to your problem, I think aero snap is really neatly implemented, but it's part of the Operating System. It'd be much more difficult for GridMove to do the same, and I currently really have no way of implementing it in a reasonable time.

I'm not sure how much of GridMove you can use, but if you can edit the grid, you can edit a "Restore" grid element with the size of the whole screen. It doesn't get you the same behavior as aero snap, but it can be seen as a workaround, I think.

Hi all!

I just found and downloaded this fantastic program today and of course went right to the contructing new grids part. I must say I dont really agree that the feature requested by andonevris would be a good thing... Since the possibilities are so much greater with the GridMove than with Windows 7 snap, I think the most common thing one wants to do is move the window, but retain the fixed size. To me it is good as it is!

However, I do have one (a little bit) related idea/request and one not at all related :)

#1: The concept of "smart fields" is fantastic I think, especially the possibility to maximize height and width separately. However, since you set the other values to WindowWidth and WindowHeight respectively I think you get some drawbacks... While the keyboard command works as "expected" the mouse action moves the window depending on the cursor position. I would very much like to be able to set GridTop = OldGridTop and GridBottom = OldGridBottom instead. Or maybe the possibility to omit the values or just leave them blank for "no change"? Just a thought! (and a more advanced one - when the value is omitted the underlying trigger sets that value.. I realize that's not at all easy, but it would make it very easy to specify advanced grid using columns and rows separately ;)  )

#2: Variables. Some kind of varible handling would be just wonderful! (that would actually solve #1 as well since you could specify one with the old value). The reason I would like this is when you make advanced grids with padding between the cells it gets very cumbersome to write everything all the time. Something like:
%cellTop% = [Monitor1Top] + 60 + ([Monitor1Bottom] - [Monitor1Top] - 90) /2 + 10
[GridTop] = %cellTop% + 5
[GridBottom] = %cellTop% + 20
for example would be very, very nice.

And even if nothing of that ever happens it is still a GREAT program!

Good work!

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