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you should find them all

Find And Run Robot / Re: Open only one file manager window
« on: December 05, 2022, 12:45 AM »
form the dopus site:

If you only ever want to have a single Opus window open then the following options will help.

one is for Desktop Double-click and the other is for Taskbar Icon Double-click.

(.) Bring the last active lister in front....

full article:

Simpler easier to maintain version with incremental search for program in list.

Use Case
  you want to open a file with a specific program (not being the default)

How to
 find a file or folder using farr
 copy file to searchbox (cursor down, cursor right)
 add  one or more spaces and -- after the filename or folder
 then select one of the programs from the list
 or do an incremental search through the list by adding searchstring character after the '--' you just entered.

You need to define the following alias:

alias name: Choose program to load
alias regular expression:       (.*)\s+--(.*)$
alias filter field : $$2

Use the following alias results (programpaths on your machine will most likely be different):

[Enter] view VLC| %programfiles%\vlc\vlc.exe "$$1"
[Enter] view IRFANview | %programfiles%\irfanview\i_view32.exe "$$1"
[Enter] edit notepad | c:\windows\notepad.exe "$$1"
[Enter] edit gvim | %programfiles%\vim\gvim.exe "$$1"
[Enter] goto totalcmd |%programfiles%\totalcmd\totalcmd64.exe /o "$$1"
[Enter] browser chrome|%programfiles%\chrome\chrome.exe "$$1"[Enter] copy to CLIPBOARD | copyclip $$1
[Enter] run deafult| shellexe $$1

To open the html file with your default browser
c:\User\Wiem\Documents\test.html --run
then press [Enter]

To open the html file with chrome browser
c:\User\Wiem\Documents\test.html --chrome
then press [Enter]

To open the html file with an editor you would type
c:\User\Wiem\Documents\test.html --edit
then choose the editor you want to use, and then press [Enter]
To open the html file with notepad you would type
c:\User\Wiem\Documents\test.html --pad
then press [Enter]

To open the html file with graphical version of vim (the greatest editor ever ;-) you would type
c:\User\Wiem\Documents\test.txt --gvim
then press [Enter]

A few notes:
 Keep the descriptions before the '|' character unique, then the searchstring can also be kept short...
 The text [Enter] is just a reminder that you must press the [Enter] key to really execute the command.

Njoy  ;)


thanks for implementing this feature

   rightclick on farr results list, copy to clipboard

Sorry I missed the update (apparently in 2018) :Thmbsup:

One additional request though, can you please add separators between the results, e.g. cr-lf ?

K.R. Wjamoe

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