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fSekrit / Re: fSekrit won't open after OS reinstall
« on: December 29, 2009, 10:15 PM »
A tool to bypass the hash check and output the result of the decryption would be perfect. The results of that will at least help narrow down the problem. Unfortunately I don't have an "original" copy of the file anymore from the XP 32 system. I backed up the system before I started, then I installed Win7 on top of the hard disk in the system. Then I restored all my files from the backup (backed up to a large external drive), then created a brand new backup of the freshly installed system. After about a week, once everything was working fine, I deleted the old backup files from that final backup of the XP 32 system because all my files were intact and I was already running on my new backup set. So, the only version of the file I have is one that has been manipulated by Win7 64-bit, but NTFS is NTFS, so I can't imagine how it could be the issue. If I have some time over this coming holiday weekend, I'm going to try to recreate the problem, but a tool that will bypass the hash check and decrypt the file will certainly help. Thanks! Love this little program, by the way! Never had any issues until this.

fSekrit / fSekrit won't open after OS reinstall
« on: December 28, 2009, 01:08 PM »
I decided replace XP 32-bit with Win7 64-bit (same hardware). XP to Win7 requires a complete OS reinstall, which I did, and then restored my files. I keep an fSekrit 1.2 file on my system. To my dismay, it won't open. I know for certain the password is correct, but it refuses to open. All I receive is an invalid passphrase message.

In fact, I can now find NO way to open the fSekrit document. I've even tried copying the file back to an XP 32-bit system. The executable runs, but the document will not open. All I can get is the dialog with the invalid passphrase message. Obviously I have a different SID now, and the file has different permissions, but are those involved in the encryption in any way? I wouldn't think so.

How does fSekrit know the passphrase is invalid? Is it encoding something into the encrypted file that should be recognizable upon decryption? Obviously it can't know whether my file content is correct upon decryption, so there must be something knowable that it encrypted in order to make the determination?

For reasons related to the sensitivity of the file content itself I can't just pass along the file and its password to debug with, but maybe I can recreate the problem with some benign content, hmnnn.

Any ideas?

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