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Such a tool - if w/o bugs - would be exactly what I am looking for since years. But...

- With every start of computer the exe-file of this programm has to be initilized. Why programm cannot start with computer?
- The cursor running much too fast for beginners. Speed cannot be changed. Given on -start -execute the recommended CCCCtrlC.exe [Intervall] say CCCCtrlC.exe [20] just pop the shabby grey windows-mistake-information-window. Bumm! Reply: "'CCCCtrlC.exe doesn't exist" !
- Copied with normal (short-time) Shift+C the copy has doubled i.e. 'CCCCtrlC.exe [Intervall]CCCCtrlC.exe [Intervall]' - unbelievable but it's true.
- There is no uninstall

Fazit: Just to test your nerves and to confirm that it is better to use commercial programms

Shows problem we meet since ever: Incapability of most software-programmers to explain programms, understandable for public use. Not even capable to explain installation properly. Incompability of software-programmers to didactical psychology (teaching).
Little hint: If the cake should taste good follow a cook book and read to the instructions:
3...... an so on

What can you learn from a cook book that your programm tastes good (= successful installation & runs well on everybodies computer) ?

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