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General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 27, 2011, 05:40 AM »
Good man, I am not the one to judge how well posts fit polices but you have my thumbs up :) A bit difference between stating the uncomfortably obvious and insisting on being right though. Would be a silly debate having me claiming DC is fully aware of piracy on personal levels and DC representatives going NOOOO!, don't you think? Anyway, this is more or less a private forum with rules to follow as not to step on any toes. Rude not to. Lesson learned.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 26, 2011, 04:54 PM »
May be you should consider keeping personal stuff in the irc room or where it is you personalize. I am happily unaware, not interested in relating to person to person chitchat with unknown and irrelevant references on a public/general forum - see no fun in guessing what is acceptable to say or not to say.

If you have a need for a strickly DC-personal forum ask for one. You might get to be moderator, defend wise posts not annoying anyone you know personally. Jump in and make sure the others are regulated to your satisfaction.

@tomos - typical story, not used with joy but not out of the question either. If you get an Office Pro via work priced as 2 packs of cigarettes will you pay full price in retail? What do you tell your friends if they don't know already? Free market my butt but how it is with many things. Develpers are not more stupid than average. A 14 year old family member recently asked me for Office 2010 because her school required it. I don't think MS should increase sales because of stupid market forces and schools so she got it from msdn. MS don't care since she will now be trained in Office and not the annoying alternatives. Another one in the basket and she can be used later. Have to be an complete idiot defending this setup with great conviction. MS not the same as small developers but complex and messed up it is. Guess I am distributor of pirated software as well but ok.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 26, 2011, 03:02 PM »
I know you are a linux dude zridling and that there are some who stand by their words and conviction. I think I did mention exceptions a few times.

@40mhz, I am sure you would like to regulate ;) Can always tell... Apply for a moderator job if desire sticks. Piracy is typically an invitation for eager moderator wannabies people to react, old, weak and basically BS though there are people like zridling around who can ask WFT are you talking about?, standing up for ones word is a admirable feature - most fail and come off as hypocritical if they try, I estimate 95% hitrate when topic is piracy including every member on this domain :) Probably not "wise" to say either with so sensitive a bunch of people around. Virtual sensitivity rocks!

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 25, 2011, 10:00 AM »
Great, then DC is not special and has same loose relationship to piracy as world outside DC. That has been my point all along :) I find it difficult to make sense of any other point of view.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 25, 2011, 09:40 AM »
I know what you meant unless irc has nothing to do with dc irc. Question is what is limiting though. I look left and right for input, have no focus or personal considerations to wonder about. Don't really care what a handful of people in irc room agree on, together. But no reason to worry about too much unwanted piracy talk, no need to jump on a high horse - very few will post about this for the reasons I have mentioned, main one being most do it them self. Anyone can claim whatever, including the opposite that DC is in fact totally free of piracy, here poor developer only suffer. Like a slaughterhouse, very rude to bring it up! I am convinced no special DC morale exist other than that of self interest, like the rest of the world follows - you think DC, all 200000+ members, is isolated and pure. We disagree.

I am sorry to limit you to general chitchat on the public forums...

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 25, 2011, 07:45 AM »
I am perfectly relaxed with the topic. I am not attaching out of place feelings to it at all. We can debate :)

Btw, there are no "all" ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 25, 2011, 07:26 AM »
Well irc comforting peace and consensus on piracy probably is nice to experience. Does it take a whole 5 secs to reach agreement? Good for the group, useless in coming up with ideas on how to monetize/convert piracy ;) I believe most people are more than willing to pay for good stuff but also that they are not ready do so just because they see an ad-ridden site or a donate button. What I said about the current market place. It sucks. People are generally good and sane. Anyway, issue, including those who pirate, is more complex than you make it out to be - for convinience sake or because you are wise. Besides a few exceptions you will find it hard to keep them and us theme going for long. But of course easy for me to say since I have no problem with this topic. Almost interesting since it should encourage those in to software marketing to take a look at them self when they are done singing the song about how deevaluating and hurtful piracy is. Has been here for years, is unstoppable - what is the point of declaring it unwanted? Stating the obvious for the 100th time? Better protection needed make as much sense. Deal with it in a positive way, almost accept it. So instead of them and us see pirates as potential users/customers who right now is a bit confused on which shop to enter - but make sure your shop does not like a cheap whorehouse on sale.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 25, 2011, 02:43 AM »
If you believe in the black and white way of looking at this yes. But it was more wondering about your choice of words than concluding anything. Why is it relevant to say these are good people? and what has Mousers influence to do with anything? He has nothing to do with piracy, neither has DC as such. Just part of the general user base :) Not special I don't think.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 25, 2011, 02:08 AM »
I don't get that I think - was Office 2000 really only 57mb? You need to update Java is all I see :)

Good for you app103 and your transformation to join the good people lead by Mouser - as opposed to the evil ones DC as a whole don't like. It is that black and white view I object to and also think is out of touch with reality, DC included. Not much lost in kicking out pirated programs but you know that because ? Regular users who might barely know what bundled crap computer came with have more problems separating good from bad on horrible download sites where main focus is affiliate deals and ads. That and lousy Google searches/ads is the alternative for many. Friends of the devs so must be careful not to complain but from a consumer point of view what is safest? There is at best a phase to go through to see the light. Most will probably find a warez forum easier to navigate. Ease of use and argument of too much payware crap, not the same as people won't pay up, as reasoning I can understand. Actually also count freeware crap, that must also be diagnosed in details before it can be considered safe and clean to install.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 24, 2011, 12:33 PM »
Well I meant I should not post a guide with links and all on how to get a free Photoshop or listing best Windows loaders. Speaking of piracy in general terms should be ok. I would be highly interested in this area if I were a software developer. Question and task is how to reach people with stuff in a way they find acceptable and worthy of their $$$ - then you have a new Minecraft :) Some will never pay for anything but I believe most are more than happy to, among those who have money that is. Possible many are fed up with screwed licenses, non-personal home pages and support. They don't feel they are hurting anyone by pirating, they avoid throwing away money to more of the same cooperate crap. There are different ways of viewing this. If and price tags of 19.95, 29.95 etc. are failing what to do? Put thinking hat on instead of treating piracy like a cancer give better result I think.

40hz, any clearer why it is suitable DC material? If not then nope, I don't think I am provoking anyone on DC by speaking of piracy :) Piracy/cracking started with BBS not p2p, time to get updated if someone is in shock.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:13 AM »
I was not lucky but persistent. Why is because I know Photoshop is the most difficult to get in a healthy/full condition and that I have made any possible mistake years ago. Was no better than those I call dumb. I am an experienced pensioned pirate, don't trust no one :)

I think the only way to fight piracy is to speak up about why and why not. Not so much about how of course. Ignoring piracy is living in an isolated world where you have heard it is a problem in China or where ever. Should be bad for business, must be. Numbers are huge! Problem is closer, for majority of DC members it is on their computer in some shape or form :) I don't think it matters one bit if they are devs with licensed software. Anyway, those who heavily pirate music also goes to concerts etc., feed the industry in other ways. Guilty or not is more complicated than it seems. I would guess quite a few of my imagined DC majority ALSO pay up for licensed software. The mighty LAW is bend over, so confusing - but how I think it is. With this people often make their own law and here I can see DC villains being more fair and eager with plastic card than average - still pirating though :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 24, 2011, 10:46 AM »
Yes, I did manage to get latest Photoshop + Elements. All in all it took may be 10 hours but then it was tested and "secure". Update proof? I doubt it. Uninstalled shortly after, worst crap I have ever seen. Most are more than happy with older and more proven to work versions.

Umm...even if it was just a quick load/try/remove deal... do you think that's a wise or considerate thing to come right out and admit doing on the public forum of a highly visible site where a number of its members and visitors write licensed software for a living?

Just thinking out loud here. ;) :)

Admitting the obvious you mean? I don't think DC is any exception from my assumptions of IT people being the worst offenders but aware that it will sell very few tickets to claim that ;) But sorry if it come off as offensive, I did not even mention China! just stating what I consider facts.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 24, 2011, 09:55 AM »
Yes, I did manage to get latest Photoshop + Elements. All in all it took may be 10 hours but then it was tested and "secure". Update proof? I doubt it. Uninstalled shortly after, worst crap I have ever seen. Most are more than happy with older and more proven to work versions.

My impression is that 9 out of 10 who post in public warez forum, p2p threads etc. are dumb as a door and understand very little of security and malware. They go by names only, like nod32 or kaspersky. I would be careful to suggest they do much thinking :) Also like with movies, music much activity is simply because it is possible. People get Photoshop just because they can, an extra Windows the same. What is actually being used, what can be used, could be another matter. Perhaps half of those with Photoshop really mainly use I would not be surprised. When I did this I downloaded tons more than I installed.

I don't know about pirating outside popular sources, where the dumb people go, but f0dder is probably correct. There are many ways to get what you desire. Knowing IT people is usually an advantage ;)

"When I did this" means software programs, I am not clean when it comes to a few pdf files, few movies and some music. Besides a Windows or 2 for VM I don't do programs though.

General Software Discussion / Re: Most Pirated Software?
« on: February 24, 2011, 08:52 AM »
Perceive? I have always had the experience that absolute worst offenders in this area are people working within IT. With practically no exception, safe assumption to make though unfair if not offensive to a few of course. And here on DC with programmers and all? Perceive away but what do you pirate? would be a better question I think ;)

Don't know how much plugins add to startup time but disable them anyway Visualizing Firefox Plugins Memory Consumption Firefox needs an interface to deal with plugins, they are still installed behind users back. No way to block all new installs in about:config or anything. I have only seen one attempt to control the bastards Plugins Toggler

Mozilla is obsessed with startup time https://wiki.mozilla...up_Time_Improvements - almost as much as with html5 benchmarks. 4 will probably be faster than 3.

They actually say

Ship Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the 2011 calendar year

in the official roadmap page Seems like they were drunk when writing that but of course a 4.01 can be called 5, 4.02 6.

Quiet here :) Clean Process Monitor, no Ding.wav

I did use 7 Ultimate for 4 months but downgraded to Vista  :P I will not pay for 7 but also not use illegal Windows for an extended period. Not outside Virtualboxes that is.

Also same here. When I first ran in to the problem I tried all sorts of changes, for mouse/keyb, changes in ease of access center, even folder settings. Nothing helped. I was about to say I have 102 processes running right now so don't mind a strange filename but remembered I have done no-nonsense/only SC running basic troubleshooting before.

Could it be a language/regional issue? I also tried changing keyb. to other lingo I think. I just noticed that Jesper Hertel seem to be Danish so we have language settings in common.

Thank God and Jesper for that pic  :D

Screenshot Captor is or at least it request that file. PID 8964 is SC. After I run that regfile crazy file name is not there. If I go in to sound panel and mess with Select entry, disable/enable 10 times - ending with not attaching any wav problem returns and reg-file must be run again.

For the rest of your questions I am ??? But I rarely touch sound panel, have no programs messing with it either. So weird. I would like to see other victims run Process Monitor when clicking.

Here is a snippet from Process Monitor. Action from the moment I click.

I did not read comments but went straight to regedit  :P

Look at the file name. Is that normal?

Turning "Select" off in control panel for sounds make SC, or Vista, use Ding.wav - after search of that weird file name. Using the reg-file make it go silent. CCselect is referenced but nothing happens because it is set to nothing. Going back in to control panel, selecting any random file for select will work BUT when choosing nothing SC once again reverts to Ding.wav - must run reg file again.

This fixed it for me http://channel9.msdn...56901-Stop-the-Ding/

I checked in Process Monitor and ccselect is called, then half the hd including a usb stick! is searched for that file. Seems like 30-40 random folders. Ends up in Windows folders with a successful DING.WAV ,stupid.

Notice file name of wanted wav file, weird.

Same except I also get beep in detailed view, with both mouse and key clicks.

Vista 64bit and Screenshot Captor 2.90.01

You can just press DEL for the entry you want to ignore/delete. Or use Library tool. But yes they should extend the already awesome bar. Not so sure about search features, there are extensions for this already, but make it more clear how powerful it actually is. Perhaps add a rollover button or 2, giving access to queries/filters (older than 20 days, only show .com for example) Let users tinker with queries (made in library, can already save search queries/results) without making it too complicated. They could start with adding a "how many results to show" in Options. Some might prefer 25 results instead of default 12 or what it is.

Living Room / Re: CPU Question: More Mhz per core or more cores?
« on: February 10, 2011, 03:19 PM »
Physically it is easy, finding the right parts when more ram is needed, being sure 4x4gb works as good as 2x4gb is not necessarily easy.

Yes, awesomebar/places was the reason for going sqlite. Old dat/html something format was worse! Long lists are not fast and manageable because they are not in sqlite format. You can query all day long in library via commands, there is an extension for this I think, but how many do that? Is 1 out of 1000 interested in Places Query Syntax ? Database can do a lot more than what most see. Sqlite might be overkill if you know all "database" features but is it not almost a standard solution for programmers when they need more than "lists"? Many programs use it or that is my impression.

If sqlite is sqlite regardless of where it is used how to implement must mean a lot. Long time ago I read a database expert freaking out about how Firefox handled places. Make one change and it is like whole database must be reindexed/updated. Why I suffered managing 1000s of bookmarks on old 3.0 version. Hd, whole computer was almost freezing for minutes when you did simple copy/paste functions in bookmark sidebar. That was also powered by sqlite.

History/Places change quite a bit in 4 btw Places got Async Expiration

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