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Thank you,
[ ] Automatically generate comment/note for each capture
seems solve the issue.

What does "Do not save active win info in file comments" do? I can't find any difference in comments (i use "Grab selected region" and I don't see any coordinates in comments).

This text is saved in "tEXt" field ( in the beginning of PNG file. You can view it in hex editor or in XnView MP - file Properties - ExifTool tab - PNG - Description.

This is an important issue, because I can't send file screenshot to third parties - there can be window titles, logins, IP addresses and other unexpected data.

Currently, comments/notes of screenshot is saved in file properties. How to disable this?

To reproduce you should: 1) have Windows 10 or 8 x64, 2) install any x64 program from my list in first post.

mouser, please, check again this bug.

In short: FARR2 incorrectly thinks that some link destinations are in "C:\Program Files (x86)", and can't find icons. The correct path is "C:\Program Files". Can be reproduced on Windows 10 x64 and Windows 8 x64.

You have already fixed this bug in 2012, but since then there was a regression.

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