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Ahhhh, finally I got around to listening to this! (Still not got around to #2 yet, been listening to 'Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!' on repeat half the night lol)

Nothing to really add to the conversation as such, will comment more after listening to #2 xD

Anyhow, It was a bloody good listen and I highly recommend it to my fellow DC members!

That is awesome! I hope you love episode #2... and all that follow after that! We'll appreciate *any* feedback and thanks for listening! :)

Whoa! Totally missed this... heard most of the intv. right now but I'm really high and would like to do it justice. I'll definitely give it a second (sober) listen. Renegade, you're the resident celeb, I totally blame you for missing this when it was posted (not pimping your fame in the post title and making it seem like just another intv.  :D )

Great work, guys!  :Thmbsup: Looking fwd to more... and P.S. - Renegade, if you don't go on a tangent during one of these and start ranting about Apple I WILL BE DISAPPOINT!!  ;D

Edit: Just read Stephen's post... there's already a part 2?? Fuck, I'm drunk!

ROFL!!!! Thanks for listening! HAHA, we managed NOT to record Ryan's Apple rants. The show is SFW. But man... have we had some LIVELY off the record ones! Oh, and *ahem* maybe Ryan should "come clean" about a recent Appley event in his life (if he hasn't already). :P *DOC RUNS AWAY*

Btw, we have a "rant" segment called "Open Commentary" but we haven't done one for a show yet. I'm still not sure it can be pulled off in a SFW way!

Ryan posted a thread for episode #2 over here: btw.

Be well everyone and don't be scared to share the show! :)

Sorry for the late review. Just downloaded and listened to it and I like it. :)

Few suggestions -

1) PDF transcript please (ya know speed of my USB data card ryan  :D)
2) Interviews of developers from codecanyon (envato) or other freeware/shareware authors
3) GTD stuff (interviews or resources?) :P
4) Audio goes up and down, that's the only problem. So please fix that.

Keep up with the podcast  :Thmbsup:

Thanks for listening and for providing feedback!  :Thmbsup:

#1) Working on a solution for transcriptions. Really important to have content like this as accessible as possible! Don't want it "locked up" in audio-only. 

#2) Definitely! I'll reach out to Envato. And we'll be interviewing freeware/shareware/open source authors too. If you have anyone/someone in mind and want to/can intro us, please shoot over an email to  loopback [At] thedocreport [D0TTT] com.

#3) Great topic to cover! Useful for everyone! Now who to interview... There's already a lot of great GTD talks/presentations/interviews out there. Hmmm... (brain working). We can definitely cover some resources in "Helpful How-tos" and/or "Techies Treasure Chest".

#4) It's always just my voice isn't it? :P Maybe, I'm *too* animated for audio... Haha. It'll get better! :)

Thanks again and stay tuned!

Hi DC'ers!

Long time, no Doc!  ;)

Please do check out the show and let us know what you think!

We've aimed to produce a high-quality podcast that's useful for *any* developer.

If you have any suggestions of topics you'd like to "see" (okay, "hear") covered, let us know.

Be well! :)

General Software Discussion / Re: What the hell is OpenCandy?
« on: March 30, 2011, 03:19 PM »
Comprehensive details on what information is collected, for what purpose and at which point during the installation and recommendation process is available here:

Hope everyone is having a good day! :)

General Software Discussion / Re: What the hell is OpenCandy?
« on: March 24, 2011, 02:25 PM »

We only allow two third-party offers per installer and consider an OpenCandy-powered recommendation to be a third-party offer. (We restrict the offering of search toolbars to *one* per installer.)

If anyone is interested, scope out our (always evolving as the software landscape does) Software Network Policies which are what prospective and current partners must adhere to (and their products are tested against) are available here:

Hope everyone is doing well! :)

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