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Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: May 06, 2012, 07:04 PM »
Reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on Google Play Books.

Rainlendar could be just about what you need. You might have to create your own skin though, I think most of the bigger skins were Apple themed. You wouldn't be able to type directly in the square, there would be a dialog to type in but the text could be displayed in the square after it's entered. It does let you print a range of days to a grid though.

I see, so it's good to live in the EU then :tellme:

So long as you don't see any Americans on holiday trying to keep you from looking at their phone as they change SIM cards after paying cash for their expensive dye job/haircut and dark glasses.

I'd probably have used Rainmeter.

Sorry it took so long to get around to testing. I have some bug reports and some feature ideas.

  • If two items exist in the ini and one is not a valid path the popup is not created and the operation is executed with the first valid path as the target. (maybe on load you should warn of invalid paths and give the item number)
  • "Reload Settings" attempts to perform the last completed operation again, but with the target of the first valid path in the ini.


  • I can't seem to find an easy way to set the target to the Recycle Bin. Any ideas?
  • It would be nice to have a quick way to open the target folders. Maybe an "Open Folder" submenu in the context menu that lists all the items by label name. Selecting one opens the corresponding folder. With only one target maybe the folder can be opened by a click or doubleclick on the window.
  • Here's a biggie. Would it be possible to have an alternate mode where you send files to applications rather than folders? It would be great if you could specify arguments in the ini as well.

  • Set border color.
  • Set transparency
  • And the biggie... Make it skinnable! Transparent PNG support for the background.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Stickies review
« on: December 14, 2011, 09:05 PM »
It's been a while since I'be used it but I think that would be possible, depending on the page names. You might have to use *Google* for instance.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Stickies review
« on: December 14, 2011, 11:05 AM »
One very handy feature left out of that review is the ability to"attach" a sticky to a particular window or window class. This allows you to have stickies that only appear when a particular web page, document or whatever is opened.

It is my  hope that this unified design is in preparation for domain wide user selectable styles. If they make all of their sites conform to a standard then it should make it easier to develop styles to work through all sites. This is totally wishful thinking and I have not bothered to check the source of any of the redesigns.

I would have tried Stickies. It has the ability to attach notes to specific windows and to export notes.

I haven't gotten a chance to try this out yet but it looks very interesting. If the suggestion box is still open I'll probably drop a few ideas/requests here.

Here's an idea someone might like to try.

Picture a small POP email checker (maybe IMAP), that will look for a specific sender (your mobile maybe) and will execute predefined commands depending on the subject of the email. You could even have it check the body of the mail for extra parameters.

The app would have a list of aliases that correspond to commands.

Play="C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"

So an email with
Subject: Play
with a Body of "myplaylist.wpl"

would run "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" "myplaylist.wpl"

Just an example I'm sure some of you could come up with more useful or more geeky examples ;)

N.A.N.Y. 2010 / Re: NANY 2010 Pre-Release: Twigatelle
« on: December 31, 2009, 07:22 AM »
Yes, that is without anti-aliasing. I am on old intel onboard graphics though. I also experienced the phantom bumper explosion bug as well.

New High Score


New game modes if you are up to it.

1. A mode where the objective is to strike a particular bumper in the least number of bounces. Scored like golf, the lower the score the better.

2. A mode where bumpers are not destroyed between balls and special bumpers that light up when struck. Objective is to turn on all the lights, challenge being that the lights are toggles so if struck again they turn off. Not sure about how to score this one, but I think it would be fun.

N.A.N.Y. 2010 / Re: NANY 2010 Pre-Release: Twigatelle
« on: December 28, 2009, 09:32 AM »
Cool game so far, even though I'm only getting 32 fps. It made me late for work yesterday  >:(

I have found a couple bugs.

1. High Score list seems to be completely inaccurate. All recorded scores are way lower than the score reported in game. I haven't tried calculating to see if it's a certain percentage yet.

2. I got a Ball Frenzy and in the ensuing chaos another green bumper was hit and may have been Assassin Ball, not sure I didn't actually catch what was activated. At any rate the last two balls came into proximity of each other at low speed and became "caught in each others' gravity." That's the only way I could describe it. They bounced off of each other then pulled back together, endlessly. I had to start a new game.

Also had some ideas.

Pong Mode: Would it be possible to control the "paddle" in Pong Mode? As it is now Pong Mode only tracks one ball at a time, so a ball could go right by the paddle because it is tracking one that bounced back up.

Assassin Ball: Allow the player to "put a hit out" for a particular peg. Click on the problem peg, the ball then goes after that peg.

Claw Mode: Why not combine this with another arcade favorite the prize grabbing claw machines? The launcher could turn into a claw which could be launched, giving you a chance of grabbing the ball back to relaunch it. If you wanted to get really tricky with it you could also allow it to grab a peg and hold it. The cable could then become another surface for the ball to reflect off of.

That's all for now, I'm sure I'll keep playing ;)


I really love Ghoster, thanks for this great app.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to limit the dimming the a certain part of the screen.
This would be very useful cause I'm using Rainmeter to show a bar with system informations on the top of the screen. This bar is always visible, thanks to CoralDesktop, which is a cool app, too. It would be great, if that top part of the screen could be excepted from dimming, maybe by specifying an y-offset?

Unfortunately I have no clue how to edit the autohotkey file, but I'm sure it's no problem for the guru's here.

Thank you all!
-NoDistraction (May 06, 2009, 07:48 PM)

Did you know that Rainmeter can accomplish the always visible area by itself? Add DesktopWorkArea= to the [Rainmeter] section of rainmeter.ini , then use four comma separated values to set it. Left,Top,number of pixels to maximize to right,number of pixels to maximize toward bottom.
I think you can get by with just setting the second number (Top) but I haven't tried it.

EDIT: Changed directions, relative feature not implemented yet.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Theme Switcher for Rainmeter
« on: May 02, 2009, 10:56 AM »
Hello Everyone,
 Just a bit of warning but this post may be a little long. Hopefully, this won't take long to code though. I think AHK is perfect for this, so Skrommel could probably do it in a couple hours. He is one of the most talented and prolific AHK coders I've ever seen.

IDEA: The monitoring app Rainmeter stores information on which configs to display, and positioning and other settings for them in rainmeter.ini. What I propose is a program to manage multiple rainmeter.ini files. This would effectively allow you to have multiple setups that you can switch between.

GUI: Dialog that shows a list of available "themes", that you can select. A load button, that will load the selected theme. A save button that will save the current setup as either a new "theme" or overwrite an existing one.

OPERATIONS: Clicking the Save button would open a dialog asking for a name for the theme. Enter name hit OK. The program creates a new subfolder inside the previously created "Themes" folder using the name entered in Save As dialog. It then copies the rainmeter.ini into that folder

Select a theme in the list, (which displays the names of the subfolders inside the Themes folder) hit Load button. The program then copies the current rainmeter.ini into the appropriate folder. (I guess the program would need some flag set when a theme is loaded so that it would know which folder to copy the current ini to when a new theme is loaded.) The program then closes rainmeter.exe. Copies the ini from the selected theme folder to the root Rainmeter folder, overwriting the existing one. Then the program starts rainmeter.exe.

Command line loading of themes would be useful as well. Giving the theme name as an argument to the app, would have it save the current ini to the appropriate folder. Exit Rainmeter. Copy specified theme ini. Restart Rainmeter.

That took a while to describe, but the concept is fairly simple I think. Can anyone help us out with this?


EDIT June 14th 2009: A member of the Rainmeter community has taken on this project. He is writing it in Auto-It.

Finished Programs / Re: Alphanumeric Telephone Number Converter
« on: May 02, 2009, 10:02 AM »
Could you make a program that does the reverse? So you could enter a numeric telephone number and it would give you the possible alpha combinations. Preferably allowing you to decide which parts of the number are converted to alpha.

That's  North Carolina, not South :P

Hello DCoders!
I am posting this on behalf of the Rainmeter Community

After a long period of dormancy, Rainmeter is under development again. Rainmeter is a highly customizable monitoring app. I'd like to extend an invitation to any C++ coders interested in helping with the core development. The plugin system also allows for third party enhancement of Rainmeter if you aren't interested in becoming a project member, but would still like to help out. We will try to get some credits to anyone who wishes to improve our Rainmeter experience. I know myself and sgtevmckay will donate what we can, and will encourage others to do the same.

There are also ideas for apps that can be used by or with Rainmeter, that could be coded in other languages. Some of them should be easy for the talented folks here. I've already seen a couple of things around here that could be useful to Rainmeter.
Should I make separate posts for those requests or list them here?

Thanks for your time reading this, and I hope some of you are interested in participating.

Finished Programs / Re: Folder-RSS: Monitor folder changes via rss
« on: April 26, 2009, 02:46 AM »
Could Folder-RSS also put File Count and Folder Size totals into the feed?
That would be pretty handy.

Well, it's definitely on the move now! :)

Finished Programs / Re: Folder-RSS: Monitor folder changes via rss
« on: April 23, 2009, 01:46 PM »
I have an idea to use this with Rainmeter. The concept would be to create a Rainmeter config to display an icon. Rainmeter would periodically run Folder-RSS. If changes are found it would change the icon to indicate it. Clicking on the icon would then open another config to display the changes that have been made.

Does this sound possible? Also what kind of performance hit is there while it scans the folder for changes?

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