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I've been having the same symptoms with LibreOffice (x64) and CHS v2.39.0 on Win7 x64

It doesn't happen every time, either. For a while I thought it was an autosave problem  :-[

I've had CHS 2.39 installed since Feb.2017.
I updated to LO in Sept.2017 which roughly corresponds to when I started noticing the problem, so I'd agree with sosimple that its an OO/LO problem.

LO filenames are:
scalc.exe -> soffice.exe -> soffice.bin

and all are 64bit per Process Hacker.
clipboard hns.jpg

I'll have to try the CHS v2.42 "clipboard monitoring toggle hotkey" to see if it can be used as a 'workaround'.

Coding Snacks / Re: Maximize Windows "partially" [finished]
« on: November 02, 2011, 10:37 AM »
script does not work with Desktop Coral v1.10.01 due to a change in the .INI file or possibly a change in the way AHK counts lines. In any case, the script can be 'fixed' by changing the following lines:

   FileReadLine, DpLeft, %DC_Ini_Path%, 25
   FileReadLine, DpTop, %DC_Ini_Path%, 26
   FileReadLine, DpRight, %DC_Ini_Path%, 27
   FileReadLine, DpBottom, %DC_Ini_Path%, 28

change to read:

   FileReadLine, DpLeft, %DC_Ini_Path%, 26
   FileReadLine, DpTop, %DC_Ini_Path%, 27
   FileReadLine, DpRight, %DC_Ini_Path%, 28
   FileReadLine, DpBottom, %DC_Ini_Path%, 29

Ideally, the script should be expanded to scan the .INI file to find the proper section and read the assignments rather than blindly copying values, but this will do for a quick&dirty workaround.

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