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great ugrade, congrats on this even cooler version!

I love the logic fix and the tag, prority and list prompt!

Bug or intentional?
Well, tasks are sorted by all ticked sorting criteria in the order specified. For example the default is to sort them first by name, then by priority, which will give you a list of tasks sorted by priority, and tasks with the same priority sorted by name. I have to agree though that this is probably not how one would expect it to be. I'm going to change that.

by the way: you can show the options dialog with the rtm options command.


Thanks about the rtm options... much handier (I really should reread the manual!)

I suspect you meant the default setting is to filter by date, then priority then name, which is exactly the order I'd like,
but what I meant is, in order to achieve that filtering, the filters start in this order "name" "priority" "date".

So yeah, it works perfectly and if no one is as stupid as I am (dont fix what aint broken!), it shouldnt be a problem, but since I just figured it out, I thought I could say it. Thanks for offering to change, it IS minor, but hey, why settle for very good when you have perfect on sight!

Also, I figured I could post that I tried the "enable smartlists" and it did slow FARR and rtmplugin, so I could give you my number of tasks and smartlists so you could have some data (if you dont need it just tell me to shut up!  ;D)

I still love this, phitsc, thanks a lot!

One very small quibble: in the "advanced options" (after I go aplugins-enter) I can choose how my tasks are ordered (which is terrific!).
However, it seems to order tasks filtering in the inverse order!

I'll try to illustrate with an example:
I had "Due date" then "priority". I guessed this would mean first the oldest, and each day, highest priority first.
However it does the opposite for me: it lists first those with a higher priority, then orders amongst priorities by date.

Bug or intentional?

I like the additional time customization that this has (over PesterMe).
Downloaded and liked!


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congratulations, mouser!

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