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General Software Discussion / Re: Magic Jack Phone ?
« on: November 03, 2008, 12:19 AM »
My 2cents.  Now I'll see if they stay in business for more than a year or two.

Yes, well, we all worry about that, I think.

General Software Discussion / Re: Magic Jack Phone ?
« on: November 02, 2008, 07:14 PM »
I am in Thailand. I have used MagicJack for two months in the US and three months in Thailand, and I'm thrilled with it. Having a US phone on my desk in Thailand is a great time and money-saver, especially with three kids in the USA, as well as my spouse quite frequently. I got lucky and got a local number, as well.

There is no advertising on the regular service - none. The quality is fine. I have had a couple of lost calls, but I just hit redial - it's not like it costs money. I get this on all VoIP calls, including ones I was paying 25 cents a minute for.

I use it for one to three hours a day, which even at today's card-phone prices means I've saved a couple of pocketsful of money. Did I mention it's nice to have a US phone on my desk in Thailand?

Here's what I hate about it: Every call, in or out, the ugly interface pops up. So I got a free program that blocks it from popping up - has it. I have heard it's difficult to uninstall the MJ software, but I don't *know* that since I have had no reason to uninstall it.

Frankly, I wouldn't mind being a MagicJack shill. It works exactly as advertised, it is totally trouble-free for the near-half year I have had it, and I don't mind saying so. I'd say the same if MagicJack slipped me a few dollars under the table.

Here are the facts. It works as described. There are no hidden costs including no advertising. The quality is fully VoIP, i.e. quite good. You use a regular, ordinary telephone, no dorky headset, and you call any phone anywhere, not just computer-phones. It's isn't *quite* free but $20 a year for hundreds or thousands of international minutes to/from Asia is darned close to it.


Good grief, there are a lot of cynics around here. A review has to be negative to validate it? Lighten UP, people. Some of you sound like you haven't been out dancing for months!

I wrote a review of MagicJack for my weekly column in the technology section of the Bangkok Post newspaper. It's here:


Great utility. I want it but....

Doesn't seem to work on non-US time zones??? I'm in Thailand, and we set our dates as dd-mm-yy rather than the US format of month-day. I think that might be why HowLong2It comes up showing that every date is "-1" away. It doesn't matter if it is future or past, doesn't matter if the month is above 12 or not (I tried 5 January for example and it still showed as -1). I have seen apps before that didn't work with out-of-US time formats, so I'm guessing that is the bug.

I hope you can get some time to have a look at this. The app looks great. If you need screen shots to explain further, or need more info, feel free to mail.

Wanda Sloan
[email removed to prevent spam -- mouser, forum moderator]

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