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Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: PIM-related Mini-Reviews ("also-ran").
« on: October 31, 2016, 11:30 AM »
I am a PIM addict. I use many, each for a specific purpose. Well . . . mostly that.  :)  Cinta Notes is one of my little family. The freebie version is used on my XP machine and the newer PRO version — for which I paid  $15.00 — resides on my Win7 computer. I've yet to discover the differences between the two, but I don't spend a lot of time with either of them. The information I store in Cinta Notes consists of how-tos and where-ats that are computer and/or application related, things I don't seem to remember because I don't use them often, such as: How to convert a GPT disk to MBR, what to do when Softmaker loses its registration and starts telling me the trial period is ending. It is very good for these simple quick lookups.

TreepadX Enterprise is the mother of all information managers. I use it for novel writing references.

I use MaplePro for storing personal information, but not anything so personal it has to be encrypted. It's just pretty. :) I can't resist pretty.

RightNote is the latest addition to the ménage and comprehensive is a good word to describe it.

Nothing has ever outdone KeyNote.  IMHO.

Living Room / Re: WinXP is officially dead!
« on: May 30, 2014, 08:35 AM »
It's not dead at my house. In fact it's been very busy of late.

I saw the title of the thread and got all excited, but nobody has addressed the issue that troubles me. I cannot SEE with these awful replacements.

Where I live, it has been almost impossible to find a 100W incandescent for several years. In any event, I knew the end was coming, and so I started experimenting with different bulbs. NOTHING comes close to the efficiency of the now outlawed lighting I have enjoyed all my life. 

My experience with LEDs has been even more disappointing than my experience with CFLs.  Because the little desk lamp in my computer room, with its tiny bulb, puts out such nice bright light, I expected the same from whatever LED I put in my reading lamps. But, no.  I cannot see. I read. I write, I work cross-word puzzles.  I sketch.  I paint my fingernails.  And, what will happen when those big round bulbs that light my bathroom die? How will I see to apply make-up?

I haunt Lowe’s lighting section. They are tired of me, and my questions, and my returns. Packaging may say “Replaces 100W incandescents” but for light output, that just isn’t so. I don’t care about heat. I don’t care about electrical usage. I don't care about life span. I just want illumination. 

For my reading lamps, which is what I really care about, 1600 lumens should work, but part of the problem is what Mouser said here: 
3. Spotlight effect.  The LED bulbs are more directional -- which can be especially troublesome for fixtures where the bulb is pointing up.

But I’ve also had noise and flicker from both CFLs and LEDs. Horrible, horrible, and no relief in sight. 

Living Room / Re: What will be your next computer?
« on: July 13, 2012, 03:35 PM »
I am so happy with my XP desktop.  I don't want another computer. But, in self-defense, I'm saving pennies for another desktop, with Win7 installed, just before the market is flooded with Windows 8 monsters.  It will probably sit in the corner, doing nothing until my current computer dies. Then I'll fix it up to dual-boot so I can still use XP.

To me, a computer isn't a toy, or an entertainment center, or a social event. I work with it. I need to see what I'm doing and I need upmteen apps open at the same time - in various sizes - so I can see them all at once.

When MS stops supporting the OSs of my choice, I'll use something else to dig around online, but with all the changes, cloud computing, Windows 8, there is less and less that that interests me. All the great software will die out (for those of us that are sticking to XP and 7) so that leaves only research to keep me online.

Windows 8? I'm not going there. Ever.

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: make folder set out of a txt file
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:26 AM »
On Dottech today!

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