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Find And Run Robot / weird "no disk" error
« on: February 12, 2010, 04:32 PM »
I occasionally get an error upon my first typed letter in the FARR search box:

"FindAndRunRobot.exe - No Disk

There is no disk in the drive.
Please insert a disk into drive

...and I have to close the warning window 3-4 times before FARR will continue normally.  It never happens when I'm using a FARR hotkey, just the plain 'ol break key.

Is there maybe a setting somewhere I've mistakenly turned on, or and alias I'm triggering that makes FARR think I'm trying to access a disk??

I'm on win7 if that matters...


Thanks Mouser,

not only is that good to know, it sounds like a very good behavior to have - nice not to have to waste brain glucose on a choice you really shouldn't have to make in the first place (between the two links that are the same anyway).  :up:

Just curious, why does FARR sometimes say it finds more results than it shows?


thanks for this, mouser, I'll look forward to the update  :)

Hi.  Sometimes my previous search term is cleared and sometimes its not, and I end up typing my new term on the end of the previous one.  What setting should I be looking for to fix this (so it's always cleared)


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