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JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Re: GridMove simple grid maker
« on: August 27, 2008, 06:22 AM »
jgpaiva and mouser - thanks so much for your quick responses!! 

jgpaiva - I know how it goes ... I'm just glad it's still on your To Do list!

mouser - thanks so much, but there's NO way I can figure all that out!!  :P

This is why I am so looking forward to jgpaiva's wonderful app!

I'll just wait patiently ... knowing that it WILL arrive someday!  LOL!!

Thanks so much,  Shirley   :-*

JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / Re: GridMove simple grid maker
« on: August 26, 2008, 05:11 PM »
This sounds PERFECT!!  B/c I think there's many of us - like ME - that work on computers a lot but don't understand the programming end of it at all!!

I thought I wanted to make my own grid, but after looking at the coding and trying to read thru the instructions, about halfway into it I was completely lost and getting a headache!!   :'(

So this would be a dream come true for me ... since I just got GridMove and already it's my favorite tool, it'd be really cool to be able to make my own grids that quickly and easily!!

YES PLEASE!!!!    :-*

Um ... is it finished yet??  :tease:

But seriously, I noticed that this thread is over a month old and there's not that many replies  :'( - so I hope that doesn't discourage you from creating this totally awesome helper tool.  I'm sure there are LOTS of people that would use it ... but just don't want to admit that they need it!!   :-[

I'm going to subscribe to this thread and hope that you are currently working on this wondrous tool and that I will soon get a reply notice that will be you posting this tool!!  B/c this idea is so hot that it's  :onfire: !!

I'll be waiting eagerly for that reply notice!!  :eusa_dance:

Thanks so much for even thinking up this great idea!!  Shirley

JGPaiva's GridMove and Ahk Tools / MAJOR KUDOS TO ALL!!
« on: August 26, 2008, 04:41 PM »
WOW!!  This is the BEST tool I've EVER discovered!!  As a web developer I am ALWAYS working with at least two windows open - and up to EIGHT!  And I've always thought how wonderful it would be to be able to just get the windows into a grid to do my work ... and this tool and all of your great custom grids are just awesome!   :Thmbsup:

Now I'm trying all of the grids to see which work best for me in which stages of development that I am in at the time ... and considering making some of my own as soon as I complete my current project.  :-\

And I thought Mobysaurus was great ... little did I know there was even better stuff here!!  ;-)  I'm SO glad that DonationCoder has us come back to get a new key - if not I may not have ever discovered this life saver!

HUGE KUDOS to DonationCoder and all of you for this SUPER tool!!  As soon as I get paid for this project I'm making a donation for sure!   :-*

Thanks so much to everyone!!  Shirley

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