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From my understanding the Edge EE.msi is just a full package installer, as opposed to the downloaded style installers that are so popular these days. The end result is the same (no feature/restriction/option changes), it's just easier to deploy via push or in heavily restricted environments.

I first came across in when trying to install a browser on either an 08 or 12 server (i forget) that could not successfully run the usual downloader installer.

Now it's all I ever use, because it's just faster and easier to install.

N.A.N.Y. 2023 / Re: NANY 2023 Release: IPMI Tool GUI
« on: January 20, 2023, 05:43 AM »
Looks like I'm a bit late to the party...

Can (or does) this get the status of the RAID array and drives on a Dell (or other brand) server?

General Software Discussion / Re: any shit browsers I can use?
« on: December 02, 2022, 05:45 AM »
^^^I like it! :D

General Software Discussion / Re: any shit browsers I can use?
« on: November 23, 2022, 05:44 AM »
Edge has an open in IE mode option that should work

General Software Discussion / Re: Firewall Tester
« on: October 08, 2022, 10:44 AM »
On a general note: in your network you have telnet enabled, yet ICMP (ping) disabled? Telnet is kinda infamous for being unsafe, in (much) more ways than the ICMP protocol is.

They're probably just using the telnet client for diagnostic purposes (I do quite frequently as well) and not the server. Since they're separate components, there's no risk to having just the client installed.

Developer's Corner / Re: PowerShell Pickle with Registry Updates
« on: September 16, 2022, 09:28 AM »
So... Crickets it is then..

Well for the next poor sod what ends up wondering, I did manage to cobble together an answer:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $registry = Get-ChildItem "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\Standard TCP/IP Port\Ports" -Recurse
  3. foreach($a in $registry) {
  5.         $X = $a.ToString()
  6.         $X = $X.Replace("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", "HKLM:")
  7.         Get-ItemProperty -Path "$X" HostName | %{Set-ItemProperty -Path $_.PSPath HostName -Value ( $_.HostName -Replace ".1.", ".4." )}
  8. }
  10. Restart-Service -Name Spooler

Object being: we're having to readdress a large network that is running out of addresses to an entirely different - non overlapping - subnet. So when all of the machines (DHCP) jump over to the new address range, nobody will be able to access their printers because they all print to direct IP. 80 computers, pointing at 60+ different printers, in what is basically a mesh pattern.

Nobody want's to do that shit through the GUI by hand.

So this (pushed to each machine via management software) will update the Printer Port IP Address targets on each machine to the new address range … Without requiring anyone to romp all over the complex touching machines.

Living Room / Re: No living room, ironically
« on: September 15, 2022, 05:51 PM »
Congratulations Man!

Developer's Corner / PowerShell Pickle with Registry Updates
« on: September 15, 2022, 03:35 PM »
    So I'm in a bit of a pickle trying to update the registry with PowerShell. I need to go into a key, list it's sub keys, and update a value in all of the subkeys on local machine. Reason this is being done with PowerShell, is it has to be pushed out to 80 nobody wants to do it manually 80 times  :D

   The script (scrounged off the internet) I've been beating on all afternoon is below, it will open the key and list the values I'm after … But I cannot get it to update them. Note: the updated value is/will be based on the current value. So I'm looking for a get/replace/set type of operation on the HostName entry's value which is an IP address.

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $registry = Get-ChildItem "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\Standard TCP/IP Port\Ports" -Recurse
  3. foreach ($a in $registry) {
  4.     ($a | Get-ItemProperty).Psobject.Properties |
  5.     #Exclude powershell-properties in the object
  6.     Where-Object { $_.Name -like 'HostName' } |
  7.     Select-Object Name, Value
  8. }

So instead of displaying the HostName entry's value, I need it to change the third octet of the IP address to a 4 so that becomes

Anybody smarter than I am got a bit of mercy handy for a tired old fool?

-Stoic Joker

Living Room / Re: Programming/Coder humor
« on: June 17, 2022, 01:58 PM »

Living Room / Re: Tips for failing eyesight? PC use
« on: March 04, 2022, 05:42 AM »
Got a client that has a pair of 32" curved monitors running at 1920x1080. I'd originally panned the idea (but lost the debate) because I thought the height would be hard on the neck … But it wasn't. It's actually a really nice setup, and very easy to read on.

Addendum: IIRC I had a similar thing with Add-Content that I was doing and the result was that Add-Content was one of the very few PowerShell commandlets that couldn't take a file in a variable.

Ah-ha-ha! Given the inane shenanigans I've gone through trying to get this to work. That is the conclusion I was coming too - And your recollection is way gooder than mine. :D

Thanks, I'll go a different route with this then.

Did you try prefacing it with the &? Did that work?

That one made the script lock/crash on load. I tried everything from your link, and a few variations on what was suggested, but to no avail. So I'm going with the (4wd confirmed) assertion that the Add-Content commandlet (I can never remember that term) is just broken like that or something.

Thanks guys!

You can also try for grins to use a path with no spaces- and looking for that, I see that's the correct answer.

1. Target is buried in the middle of clients 1,500,000 files/folders file server...  :D
2. Just for fun and curiosity, I tried it - and it still didn't work. Which actually, is rather interesting.

(I used the inhouse lab copy for this) Taking all spaced out of both path and filename, still caused the script to fail (same as before) at the add-content command … regardless of what I did to the string I was trying to pass in. So it seems at this point to be an issue with add-content itself, and how it needs/wants to be spoon-fed the string.

Gaaaa! - It's almost 5:00pm - Happy Thoughts, happy thoughts...

Did you try \\? i.e.

Well I hadn't yet, but I just did - And no joy. :(

single \ is escaping the next character.

I recall that behavior from C++/C#/etc., but in PowerShell too? I've got other path strings in the script that don't seem bothered by why I ask.

I generally don't do much with PowerShell unless I have to, so this project has predominantly consisted of staring at the screen in disbelief while "quietly" chanting a litany of obscenities'. :D

So from what I'm reading, this is supposed to be simple - I'm just screwing it up somehow.

Issue I'm having is that if I use the full [path][filename] in the code it works fine. But if I try to store the path in a string - so I don't have to edit it 5 times if there is a change - logging fails and the script locks up.

I've tried every variation I could either find, or think of … But have as of yet, not found the correct answer.

Snippet of problem code below:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $logline = "$(Get-Date), $ChangeType, $FullPath"
  2.     Add-content "C:\Users\Me\Them\NPM Change Log.txt" -value $logline

Now ^that^ works fine, but what I need is something more like this:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $LogFile = "C:\Users\Me\Them\NPM Change Log.txt"
  3.     $logline = "$(Get-Date), $ChangeType, $FullPath"
  4.     Add-content "$LogFile -value $logline

But I can't get it to work; double quotes, single quotes, with/without the -path parameter identifier - everything fails and locks the script.

Any Ideas on what I might be missing?


Stoic Joker

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: WildGem 1.50
« on: January 29, 2022, 11:35 AM »
Looks like v1.61 is now available - Damn! ...I love this thing - Just saved my ass again!

^Reminds^ me of one my dad told years ago (short version):

Counterfeiters print up some top quality $25 bills, and go to a little hick town to pass a few off.

Old guy at counter gives the guy his change, and he runs back out to the car.

His buddy asks him what he got, and the guy replies three $7's, and a $4...

General Software Discussion / Re: Opera Start Page Question
« on: November 04, 2021, 06:52 AM »
Zoiks! Another one...

Okay, so how well does Pale Moon deal with the asshat sites that "require" Chrome? Pale Moon Site says it's Goanna based - never heard of it - so what's it Goanna do when it encounters the Chromium canvas control and friends?

General Software Discussion / Re: Opera Start Page Question
« on: November 03, 2021, 03:38 PM »
Hay, while we're playing whose got the most browsers. There's a feature in IE that I've never seen duplicated anywhere else. That being the ability to run multiple isolated private mode sessions. So if I was logged into one users account in private mode, I could just hit file--> New session, and log into a different users account without the two trying to interact/trip over each other ... Because each instance was running in its own segregated sandbox.

Do any of the other browsers do that?? Because it is extremely handy for (client network) admin stuff, where you have to be in multiple accounts and/or networks at the same time. And with everyone going cloud with everything I'm running into this (and out of browsers) more and more frequently.

Developer's Corner / Re: 'Trojan Source' bug
« on: November 03, 2021, 07:31 AM »
Interesting.. but hard to know how serious it really is.. It seems to be suggesting that the main risk would be malicious comments in an open source repository.. But it seems like it should be pretty easy to detect and block going forward..

If the reviewers know about it, and how to look for it, yes-ish … But depending on how sparsely the hostile characters can be spread throughout the string, strings, or string could be very difficult to find/identify. Especially if it was buried in a "robust" error checking routine that was (by appearances) just page after page of 'error code xxx = undercooked potato warning 7' type stuff.

It wouldn't even need to be a full blown exploit (as most are chained/blended these days) it just needs to be a toenail on the windowsill that a foot can follow type of thing to be effective-ly dangerous as hell.

General Software Discussion / Re: Opera Start Page Question
« on: October 31, 2021, 07:06 AM »
Well that was easy enough..


General Software Discussion / Opera Start Page Question
« on: October 30, 2021, 02:30 PM »
So I decided to give the Opera browser a shot, since IE is rather long dead - Yes I'm still using it (hush..).

Is there any way of getting Google Search off of the default Opera Start Page?? I've seen many suggestions that don't work … Does anyone know of one that does?

I'm actually kinda liking this thing...just don't wanna see no 'G' world crap.

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: WildGem 1.50
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:01 AM »
Regex being extremely handy, but one of those things I've just never managed to get my head around; this thing has saved my ass more times than I can count.

Thank you for the update!

Living Room / Re: Let Inspirobot inspire you
« on: September 21, 2021, 05:41 AM »
Check it out, it's pretty fun, but beware - some of the phrases generated can be NSFW, and it can become addictive; it is possible to entertain oneself for far too long just repeatedly clicking the "Generate" button looking for a LOL.  Ask me how I know...

No need - can confirm - might post favorites if time allows.
 :D :Thmbsup:

And no, because of the size and layout, without doing a lot of work, there's no way to hardwire the house.

Any chance of straddling the fence with Powerline networking? I use it quite often to get out from under a ton of pickle class situations, and it hasn't let me down yet.

Ick. I tried that in my house that had basically a faraday cage around my office, and hated it. There are just too many reqs that are based on you knowing the history of the wiring in the house for me to ever fall in love with that option.

Bummer, I've always had really good luck with it. And admittedly have a bit of a soft spot for it, since it was invented here in my home town (almost got a job there 20 years ago). Worst issue I've ever had with it - back when it was new - was with bad building grounds. But a quick retightening of the ground lugs in the panel (tip I got from one of the engineering team during the interview) got it running just fine every time.

We keep a couple of the TP-Link TL-PA4010 kits in stock at all times, and have used them in some really sketchy environments without issue.

The TrendNet TPL-407E2K is another kit that we've used extensively in the past as well. It has a built-in passthrough plug for applications with limited power outlets, which can be really handy since you can't put any UPS/power conditioning equipment between these things because it will block their connection.

And no, because of the size and layout, without doing a lot of work, there's no way to hardwire the house.

Any chance of straddling the fence with Powerline networking? I use it quite often to get out from under a ton of pickle class situations, and it hasn't let me down yet.

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