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  • Sunday June 26, 2022, 12:52 pm
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Ok, now it happened again.  >:(

I had the "automatic reboot on system error" setting disabled, so this time I got the Blue Screen Of Death when opening Firefox. The error message read "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA", which according to Google is usually related to memory/disk problems. So I'm starting to think that there might be some issues with my hardware... :(

Hmmm, that sounds very very weird, a usermode program shouldn't be able to cause hard reboots like that. It must be a flaw somewhere in a device driver, although that sounds very weird as well... Which graphic card + driver version do you use, Carol and john_doe123? Firefox does allocate a fair amount of resources, so perhaps you have a graphics driver with a GDI resource bug or something? That'd be my best guess.
I did what Carol said, backed up my profile, did a complete uninstall of FF with the "Your Uninstaller! 2008" program, and a reinstall of FF Since then I haven't experienced the reboot problem again. I'm not sure if I should be happy that my Firefox is "healthy" again, or sad that I didn't manage to pinpoint the actual cause of the problem. But I think I'm going to go with happy for now.  ;)

I agree that a regular application shouldn't be able to make the OS crash, but the error message I got from Microsoft's troubleshooting page after rebooting mentioned a device driver problem (but unfortunately did not give any hint as to which one). As for graphics cards I have two, a Radeon 9800 Pro (ATI driver and an ancient "Matrox Graphics Millennium II PCI" card (Microsoft driver 5.1.2001.0), but which is currently disabled. The old Matrox card might be a possible troublemaker, but I've been running this setup without any hardware changes since early 2004, and experienced no previous problems.

Since allowing Firefox to update to I have been getting occasional random sudden reboots when I click on the shortcut to launch Firefox - the app starts to load then the screen goes blank and goes through POST before restarting windows.

Anyone else experienced this?
I've been having the same problem!

I googled "Firefox reboot" and ended up here. My computer has been running rock solid for years, never any problems with Windows crashes. Now after upgrading Firefox to I've been experiencing sudden weird reboots. First I couldn't figure out what was causing them, since Windows on-line web error cause site (the one you cet to after coming back from a crash) just said "problem with a device driver". After getting my fourth or fifth sudden reboot (no blue screen, just like a push of the computer reset button) I figured out that it occurrs when I click the Firefox shortcut from the quick launch tray (to open a new window) while already having FF running in the background. It doesn't happen every time, just once in a while. Very irritating indeed!

The plugins I have are:

Adblock Filterset.G Updater
DOM Inspector
User Agent Switcher 0.6.10
wmlbrowser 0.7.16

I'll try a complete re-install of FF and see if that helps, but I'm guessing there's some memory leak or other problem with either an extension or FF itself.

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