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Screenshot Captor / Manual scrolling screen option
« on: December 28, 2012, 06:07 PM »
I do not fully understand the complexity of SC's scrolling capture option, which is tied to capturing an object as well. it appears one can try to let SC guess how to do the window, and if it fails, one can set various parameters I do not understand.

Would it be more simple, perhaps to have a `manual scrolling window' options? That is: have a screen capture that lets the user take control of the scrollbars, scroll the window himself and then click a button, or some such to let SC capture the results?

Sometimes, adaptive contextual human intelligence can make tasks easier, that otherwise require complex conditional rules.

Screenshot Captor / The capture bar and `simplicity'
« on: December 28, 2012, 06:03 PM »
I must just be catching on to the idea that SC was originally designed to do complex things in relatively easy ways? Also designed for people that do a lot of screen capturing, for one reason or another, not many of us to just have need of it rarely?

I used to say of Unix, with its command lines, and pipes, and redirects - - that it makes it easy to do hard things, but therefore hard to do easy things -- for example the infamous Unix `find' command. This may be a good analogy: SC much like the unix find command. One analogy to learning lots of commands, and command arguments is memorizing lots of hotkeys for lots of different things. Once memorized, the `things' are quick and easy.

This third mode or need, where a capture bar is relevant, might be for those like myself that seldom need to take lots of shots or do complex things with them. The one complex things I find useful for my `simple' needs is a scrolling screen capture that works well for most scrolling screens.

I must be a bit dense, but I do not see the utility of being able to capture screen objects, such as individual keys on  screen. Since this operation is a bit complex, would it not be equivalent to simply capture the screen containing the object, and crop the screen in the editor, to get a picture of the (or most) object?

I guess there are some `objects' that are not obvious parts of larger screens?

At the risk of touting the competition, I find the capture bar of FScapture to be by far the easiest to use. It has a (configurable) row of easy to understand icons for each type of capture (e.g., entire desktop, active/current screen, user defined region, scrolling, - - -).  Using a drop down menu for these options adds an extra step.

I notice a general tendency of programmers that is increasingly frustrating for me, as a user: Packing more and more options into an application. Each user interface is always a little different. So for each new app., I must learn to navagate a new set of menus, hotspots, hotkeys, settings - - -.

This had been solved for a time when Apple and Microsoft adapted a relatively standard menu interface for everything whatsoever. But this seems to have broken down. Now, so many new whatevers seem to have new looks and feels.

Must admit this was my first try at this program, and I was mostly looking for an easy way to capture screens that scrolled both horizontal and vertical. Although your screen that facilitates this is certainly comprehensive, it found it intimidating, especially the terminology of capturing an ``object'' rather than a scrolling screen. Made me want to abandon my computer and play more guitar. I like the simple idea of letting the software guess the scroll parameters first, and then simply letting the user manually do the scroling -- rather than set some parameters the user probobly never thought about till now.

A feature of the endlessly new portable hardware devices and their ``apps'' - is endlessly new ways to learn to do old things with new buttons and menus.

My gold standard for a quick capture bar, is the FastStone Screen capture bar -- lots of stuff on a small bar, easy to figure out and use. perhaps 5 or 7 icons that speak for themselves. Yours, employs drop down menus to accomplish similar things (e.g., full screen, active screen, rectangle, custom area - -) Adding menus to a quick bar, seems an unnecessary complexity and extra step. Should not a quick capture bar REALLY be quick?

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