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#include <hello_world.h>

Link to Page:

I have been working on a PHP script to supply the answer to whether an address is classified as “residential” or “commercial.” Originally, I started designing scripts around UPS’s validation services. That’s where I went wrong.

UPS offers two types of address validation web services (both XML-based). The first is an Address Validation (AV) tool, which allows you to use their web service to determine whether or not an address is valid by supplying city, state, and zip. To my knowledge, the AV web service only works for U.S. addresses. The second service is XAV, street level address validation, which allows you to query their servers for address validations, given the address supplied exists within New York or California. Thats great and all, but what about the rest of the country?

To prevent some poor individual from going through the same headaches as I went through, and for the general purpose of building my code collection, I have uploaded the UPS address validation script for you to check out along with the FedEx street level address validation script.

Needless to say, after spending further time researching, I have concluded that FedEx currently has the best street validation web service. FedEx’s version of address validation provides the following features:

    * Provides street-level matches
    * Contains a growing database of company listings to improve your results (not all companies are currently
    * Receives monthly updates to its address database
    * Checks addresses within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.
    * Distinguishes between business and residential addresses in the U.S. if an exact match is found
    * Is Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)-certified (a service and rating system for mailers that measures and helps to improve address accuracy)
    * Checks up to 100 addresses in one Web Service request

Enough said.

I just wanted to repost my thoughts about this and share some code with the world. Maybe it will save you some frustrations. If you found this helpful, all I ask is that you leave me a comment on my site :) Enjoy!

Today, I stumbled across this rare gem. It's a website called Kodingen. They support free web hosting for web developers. They offer support for PHP and everything. You sign up, create your account and BAM. instant FTP access from web based stuff AND your desktop ftp client... It's sick. I might consider switching my web service to them for hosting once I feel better about centralizing my ftp credentials and checking to see how they do things, etc. Check it out:

Make sure you watch the screen cast. It's amazing.

I modified the title for a more eye-catching note in hopes of inspiring conversation about this amazing service.

N.A.N.Y. 2011 / NANY 2011 Withdrawn: ProtoCards
« on: October 01, 2010, 03:51 PM »
Mouser, myself and possibly a few others will be pledging for this year's NANY event. We will be writing a generic browser-based board/card game table system. We will be releasing more details concerning this project in the coming days/weeks. We plan to release our project for NANY and then ask YOU for as much feedback and participation as possible to help us prepare it for entering in this years 1st Ever Mozilla Gaming Labs Competition. The competition is located here: in case you have not had the chance to check it out.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Relevant Links: - I'll be blogging here about my experiences with the project if you want to stay up to date. - Post by Lashiec for Mozilla Labs Gaming

Developer's Corner / Re: What path to take for learning Web Development?
« on: September 20, 2010, 08:43 AM »
Honestly, I would try your best to pickup XHTML and CSS first. Since you are visually talented, this should be a pretty simple task with a little code mixed in. When you understand XHTML and CSS and how they work together, you should be able to pickup JS (Javascript) pretty easily. My love for Javascript has grown fond over the past year. The combination of the three (XHTML, CSS, and JS) can be some pretty insane web apps.

After you feel pretty good with those 3, you can experiment with a little PHP to make things work server-side, ie. - storing data, handling data, validating logins, etc.

Just a fair warning - Web Development can be ADDICTING.

If at any point you need help with anything, always feel free to send me a PM.

housetier, you should check out "easing". This will help you do alot of things with calculating progress. I use this in my animator library for js. Here is the link for the easing stuff:

and here is how I use it:

calculating easing is a really cool concept and there are a ton of things you can do with it. You can specify your own effects etc.

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