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Hi all,

it has been a while since my last post and even longer since my real activity here (7 years ago!! :) ). The time runs really fast - unbelievable.

Well during the last 7 years I finished university studies in the Czech Republic, moved to Denmark where I successfully finished PhD. studies. Then I got married bought a house and got a job at the Danish Technological Institute :) . But I still keep DonationCoder part of my life - every morning at work I drink a cup of tea from the mug I got during NANY 2009!  :-* .

Yeah. I will have to ask the jazz-plugin developer to make sure that this does not happen ;)

EDIT: here is the question

Have you tried to restart pc? Also please check out that does work for you. Let me know if it does not help.

EDIT: btw. I prefer to use Google Chrome as it has the fastest WebGL.

Thanks :) I am glad to hear that :Thmbsup:


Basic Info

App NameMusicope
App Version Reviewed4.6.2013
Test System SpecsWindows 8, latest Chrome, latest Jazz plugin
Supported OSesWindows, Mac (not tested) - limited only by the Jazz plugin
Support MethodsForum Based (here or at )
Upgrade PolicyNot Necessary - Online Game
Trial Version Available?Not Necessary - Open Source
Pricing SchemeFree / Donationware
Author Donation Link Donate to czb, the Author
Screencast Video URL
Relationship btwn. Reviewer and Product REVIEWER: I am the author of the game.


I have put together a small online open-source piano game. You connect an electric piano to your computer, install Jazz plugin to make Google Chrome communicate with the piano and then you start playing. I use it almost on every-day basis and I must say that I am very happy about it. It really helps me to play songs that I like in an easy manner!

I have prepared three small videos about the game. The first video shows the game in action. The second video gives a brief overview of the game. The third video shows how to change default parameters of the game.

PS: Don’t laugh :D. I know that the videos are VERY amateurish ;).



How to change game parameters.

Here is a sample link which loads songs from my dropbox public folder.

Who is this app designed for:

Musicope is for anybody who would like to play a piano in an easy manner.

The Good

Musicope helps in playing a piano quickly and without the need to learn notes. It is an online game and it is open source! This means that you can very easily integrate it into your blog or modify it to your needs.

The needs improvement section

The game is in its alpha phase. I have used it only together with my piano Yamaha PSR423. The game surely has many bugs and lacks plenty of features :). As for now, I am the only developer. More developers and testers are welcome to make the game better!

Why I think you should use this product

This game helps you to play the piano in a very easy manner. No need to learn notes. The game is free and open-source!

How does it compare to similar apps

There is Synthesia which is an offline paid alternative. There is also PianoCrumbs which is online and very limited with a lot of adds. This game is open source and free. It lack features that Synthesia has, but since it is open source, nothing restricts you to implement the features that you like!


I hope you like the game :) . If you have any comments, if you find any bugs (and there are many), or if you would like to contribute in any way, do not hesitate to contact me.

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