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I have a friend (who will remain nameless)

He had a double-hyphen name.

The reason?

He was an orphan (i.e., both his parents died) and was raised by his auntie. That family decided to suffix the surname with his current surname.

MacMail is straight forward.

When you have a mail where you last moved it in 3 or 4 different folders, it gives you a choice to move it to the last 3 or 4 locations where you last moved it to.

For example, those PayPal emails... you file it under [ISP], [Rent], [Mac Programs], [Windows Programs], the next time the same email comes, it gives you a choice to file it under any of those last 4 folders you want.

If it's from that user, click [File] or [Thread] to file all the threads under that folder.

Click on To-Do, if you have WiFi, it flows to your iPhone or iPad

Top notch.  :Thmbsup:

I still remember the time spending many hours filing my emails with TheBat



I dunno, but they might want to look what iPad, MacMail, Android Mail, GMail and how others do it, but

shhhh!!! it's a secret  :P

It makes you re-think how to write software...

For instance,
- are all those toolbars really necessary?
- are all those fancy buttons really necessary?
- does the customer need this feature? should it be designed in a better way? ...

Windows is going in complete opposite direction than Mac. There are so many technologies and UI interfaces for Windows - MFC, NET, WPF, Silverlight, Flash, RIA, Restful interfaces, browser interface, SOAP, Ajax and probably a dozen more UI toolkits for Windows...

Then look at the way how iPad and Mac OSX apps are developed. Then you say,
WTF were you doing all that time writing software without thinking about the user??

It goes with other software too...

Take Trillian for example and how it has gone from the simple IM client to the mega-IM client with all bells and whistles... while getting slower, more bloated, more annoyingly colorful, seems to forget all your settings, has 101 features you don't need... and look at Audium for Mac.

You could drive yourself nuts over looking for that feature Trillian has to make it look normal and non-distracting or spend ages wondering wading through the plug-in list. Same goes for MSN Messenger. The latest version of MSN Messenger (v9) is just plain horrible and what were the developers thinking??

Same goes for some of the ShareWare/ASP developer software. They added so many features and then complain nobody buys their product.

Take any average image editor for sale - for Mac and for Windows. The Mac image editor is simply elegant, has almost everything you want (vector graphics, editable annotations, call-outs, shapes, human-usable image transformations, usable clip-art, human-usable features - like various wooden photo-frames, oil-paint feature and so on) Then look at Windows image editor - it looks like it was designed for zombies or has so many useless features...  :(

vizacc, firstly, is that the Terminator 3 chick?  She was bad ass.

Yes, that is her. I am female and I think Kristanna Loken makes great role model for the younger generation.

Let's get back to topic... I used to use TheBat, Outlook, and formerly OutlookExpress and Thunderbird.

The biggest gripe about OutlookExpress is there is no backup. In the past, you could simply copy files from the \OutlookExpress\{GUID} directory to make backup until Windows XP came out, then you could not copy the files, OutlookExpress simply won't recognize the extra directories when you add extra files to the directory (TheBat does). OutlookExpress is so prone to viruses and auto-execution, auto-sending in the "Outbox" and lack of spell checker. In Vista, they renamed Outlook Express to Windows Mail but it was soooo slow after you have about ~10,000 emails and no easy way to move them to another computer. Sure... there's utilities like Outlook Express Backup or Outlook Express recovery but most of them don't work and you end up with lost email :(

ThunderBird is more of a work-in-progress and I disliked it when I update ThunderBird and lose all emails because of incompatibility between versions.  :(

The biggest gripe with TheBat is IMAP incompatibility, inability to send well-formatted email, editor problems (as discussed on this thread), inability to specify intelligent rules, tagging, folder issues, account issues.

The number one issue isn't due to TheBat itself - it's problem with IMAP compatibility. Suppose you have a Windows Exchange Server and 20 users on the network with mobile devices and these users want BlackBerry/iPhone/iPad/Android to play friendly with TheBat. Oops, nobody think about sync ability.

I cannot understand why TheBat has so many issues with Exchange and program inflexibility - such as moving IMAP folders, creating invalid IMAP folders, cannot retrieve emails or number of emails does not match number count on folder.

TheBat specific features, like color grouping does not persist into IMAP. Then you lose color grouping feature unless you take your email off-line.

There are rules in TheBat where email goes to different folders. Nobody think about a "review" feature where everything is the InBox, you click on a button and it auto-file it to the correct folder after guessing what you by previously moving email.

There is export issue. Select export message. What do you get? - MSG, EML and Unix Mailbox. Select "import message" - there's a mailbox import wizard to take all your email from Outlook, OutlookExpress, and other email systems. It feels like once you have your emails in TheBat, the developers didn't think about synchronization to other devices or server-based solutions. Did anyone think about export to Android or Nokia phone?

There's TheBat backup which is fine, but no server-based email backup solution, or archiving or even web-based solution. Once I got a Mac server, I replaced the very expensive Exchange Server with Mac Mail Server which was at least US$5,000 in savings.  :tellme:

The MicroEd editor is famous at making your text break or add annoying spaces in-between. I don't know why they think this is a good feature  :(

TheBat has much going for it...

MacMail comes with considerably less features but seems to play nice with IMAP/Exchange, in-box review feature, colored emails that persists into IMAP, tagging @done, @todo, keywords, to-do list feature which persist into Android or Nokia or even iPhone or iPad.

I'm not asking for much. All I wanted is a simple straight-forward way to get my email archived, selected folders on-line (to sync with iPad, iPhone), working address-book, calendar and to-do list.

From emails, I need to create to-do entries, mark appointments or deadlines, get things done and have 10 years of emails I can look back into.

Take a look at the iPad or iPhone email client. It has much, much fewer features but makes an amazing email client.

Then go back to TheBat and wonder why the developers cannot focus their time on the features everyone wants instead of adding new features without much reasoning or thought and new versions every two or so years...

I hear you.  A lot of PC developers don't care to make life easy for the end user. 

Previously I used to do same, add feature upon feature without thinking... after I got a Mac and saw how they did things, I felt lot of difference how I did it vs. how they do it.

It was eye opening experience into usability vs. what you think the customer should do.

This leads to worse and worse Windows software that costs US$249, US$99, US$149 with developers saying they have very few sales, slow sales or non-existent sales...

While Mac OSX software sells for US$1, US$2, US$4, US$9.99, US$14.99 and amazingly, most of these developers earn hundreds of thousands a month just making their product well designed and simple to use.

Some time ago, I decided to get a Mac and lose all those expensive Windows apps.

It took a while to migrate 50,000 email messages from a whole load of folders in TheBat, Outlook, ThunderBird and Outlook Express to Mac Mail. I'd say I lost maybe 5,000 emails or maybe 10,000 emails when I used Outlook Express and ThunderBird :(

Ever since I used MacMail:
- I got a working address-book that syncs with my iPad, iPhone, Google, Yahoo and LAN here. No more Windows Address book problems!
- I never lost a sync or contact for past 6 months
- Email backup: almost automatic...
- There's a script to do remove duplicates, remove attachments, tag folders
- Automatic syncing between iPhone, iPad
- never had to bother with those WinMail.dat or HTML spam or EXE attachments ever
- There's tagging, color tagging,
- Working to-do lists,
- Calendar that syncs with Google, Yahoo.
- automatic filing with intelligence
- brilliant search feature
- IMAP compatibility. I can use Exchange with MacMail too

I especially like Mail, To-do list, Reminders and Calendar API integration system-wide.  :-*

General Software Discussion / Re: again!
« on: January 21, 2010, 12:54 PM »

hi, I'm not Alvin, a year ago, my friends were discussing sharing costs to buy a CD/Movie database with all the details and such, but I backed-out due to huge costs (with this bad economy).

I'm not at privy to say who that person is, but I did see parts of the 50gigs database and the impressive music-store they had.

Relating back to the Collectorz, I saw a picture of Alvin's car, and I think he choose the car, X-box, etc instead of making his product better?  :tellme:

With all the sorts of complaints he gets, I wonder who buys his products?

General Software Discussion / Re: again!
« on: January 21, 2010, 04:25 AM »
You guys were talking about Amazon, (whatever) database lookups.

I suggested, instead of relying on Amazon or whatever for their book/cd/music lookups, Collectorz would spend that money on getting a look-up database for themselves.

that way, it would satisfy all the look-up queries they had.

General Software Discussion / Re: again!
« on: January 21, 2010, 02:54 AM »

speaking of lookups -

for those curious

you can buy 3.1 million-record music collection with all the artists, CDs, tracks, timings, discography information for a 5-figure sum.

with that, it could probably fulfill all those look-up queries.

Hi there,

We're doing lengthy QA on our products, websites and other things here. We're always looking for people to look with "critical eye" and "severe fault-finding".

Drop us a note if you're interested...

Protocol is:

a) contact us, or drop us private message on donation coder.
b) we contact you, negotiate price,
c) you look/ or try to find faults with our products
d) more feedback --> more money.

this is private non-published review in other words.

Hi there,

We're developing a site and near (or somewhat near) its final stages of completion.

site description:
the site is bidding-project where you can post a project with description and wait for sellers to bid on them.
you can converse with the sellers and money is escrow until work is done.
there is fair arbitration and prompt payment for sellers.

If interested for QA, please message me privately and at the end of it, get paid (via PayPal) for feedback.

Thank you.

General Software Discussion / Re: Book Collector 6
« on: December 12, 2008, 06:12 AM »

maybe it's just me or something -

few days ago, we tried to access amazon website using some custom libs and got:
"Access Denied" or "Connection forcibly closed by host".

maybe that's perhaps the reason why they started to switch over?


anything that works for skype and adobe flash videos?



you play some sound or Mp3 music. for 30 secs -- 30-40db and for 10 secs - 90-100db.

what i would like is during the 10secs, <something> would auto-detect the loudness at 90-100db range during the 10 secs and then lower speaker volume and after the 10 secs, put back volume to normal

any idea?


got an interesting question...

sometimes noise gets really noisy here and I can't tell if the speaker is too loud / or someone is speaking waay too loud, or needs to reduce down speaker volume...

is there an app or utility which :

a) from microphone, reduce down input from 100db to 70db (or below) ... ?
b) from speaker, if someone speaks too loud, auto-adjust speaker volume to max 80db. (Cut off anything above 80db.) ?

for PC / Intel 80x86/Windows XP.


not free - it does what you want, however.

change-pro -

General Software Discussion / Re: Help Authoring Gem
« on: December 01, 2008, 12:43 PM »

We fixed errors with PDF Editor and PDF merge part.

B - Fix for Large German Words
B - Fix for access violations on Grid when not saving
B - Messagebox update
B - HelpMaker v8.1 code-merge

Reference thread:

It's free of charge.


you could do two things:

option A
buy sources codes and fix problems yourself or...

option B
do like what we did, we made our own treeview from scratch...
of course, you would need solid funding, experts and lots of help to make your own grid.

How is your InfoQube going?

We went different route and buy rights to last remaining licensees who owned libraries used by Ecco-pro, hired experts to write treeview. Deployed R&D tie-up with the local University here.

General Software Discussion / Re: Reliable web page capture...
« on: November 14, 2008, 03:33 PM »

the new kid on the block...

Big attachment. whole CNet site as 1 big PNG image

Big attachment. whole DonationCoder site as 1 big PNG image

coming soon

one of our staff here wrote this:



based on keywords instead of folders.

when you surf to this site, it also auto-logon for you.

coming shortly, will start beta test soon.

liberal license agreement. install on as many PCs as you want*

* may be subject to change without notice

General Software Discussion / Re: what to do with web-spit?
« on: June 25, 2008, 09:26 AM »
by the way,
our commercial products are used by tens of thousands of users:

- one commercial product is nominated as 'best...' in one category by the Shareware Industry Conference

- another product is used by MS, (computer manufacturer. makers), (telephone companies), (banks).

- another product is purchased by large corporations and used world-wide.,
one deployment of a multi-national company: Japan, London, Tokyo, Singapore, USA (Multiple States), France, Germany, India, and so on.


General Software Discussion / what to do with web-spit?
« on: June 25, 2008, 09:22 AM »
I'm writing in regard to my company:

we write a free software for nearly 10 years, giving free updates, free releases and many updates.
the product is helpmaker. - the product is found in the URL:

we also host the turbopower newsgroups at no charge.

every now and then, we get slurs, personal attacks, insults, false claims against us.
today, this has raised it's ugly head again.

what should we do about this?

General Software Discussion / Re: Software Ethics
« on: June 19, 2008, 08:37 AM »

sorry for the late reply. i got really busy.

advantage of the market and put the other guys out of business.

good idea.

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