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Hey, mouser - how cool to see your name in my inbox. I hope you and all of the other brilliant DC members are doing well.

Most of the time I was here, I was trying to learn (often by reading interesting threads) how to keep my VAIO running. It occurred to me one day that learning how to do things like dig around in my registry & perform other magic tricks was no longer a skill to be learned, but rather a requirement in order to run windows & over time it really ticked me off that I'd spent so much money and time, only to be forced to learn what did not come naturally to me at all - to need so many skills just to get the computer to allow me to do something simple like write an email. So, one day I just got so frustrated, I turned the VAIO off & never turned it on again. I went 3 years with no computer, the last 2 relying on my iPhone 4s which worked like a dream. Then, I didn't even want a computer but I got one, with the hope of getting a job online. I have an Apple MacBook Pro. I'm taking my time with learning it, but so far it's just like a computer that works.

I loved my time here. I loved the huge variety of topics and most of all I loved the way it was run...nobody except a troll I think was ever condescending of my elementary queries, or anyone else's, and that's really what the forum here was to me. Kind of a shelter from the storm of too much information. I was so happy when I could get help, I remember all of the times members have answered my questions, and how nice everyone was.
I have so much respect for all of you here. It's like the computer keeps telling you, "No", & you all keep saying, "Really? Watch me".
Now I'm just an old lady on Facebook (I still don't understand twitter,  :()
Thanks for pulling me out of the rock I was under, I also have some unfinished business with another member for their kindness when I was on the board. :)

Good luck, have fun & keep up your nice attitude, mouser.  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:


Living Room / Re: Stephen's Weekly Tech News - Edition 3
« on: March 01, 2010, 04:17 AM »
 :)  :)  :)
Nice, 40hz!!

General Software Discussion / Re: Battle of the Free Online Storages
« on: February 15, 2010, 07:22 PM »
Http:// ...

That is a great link. You just need to take out one of the extra http://s in the address to get the page to load.

Living Room / Re: Be careful with your credit cards!
« on: February 15, 2010, 12:06 PM »
I love the idea of a credit card number that can be used only once.
As long as the numbers don't run out (like GUIDs).

That's the best idea ever.
Too bad, the banks should know by now that if it's a dispute with a magazine subscription, to assist he bank customer, to assume they're correct.
I'm in the US, & I've never had a magazine subscription that didn't rip me off.
They even had to make laws here that prohibited companies from 'auto-renewing because the customer didn't mail a card back requesting to cancel'.

I'll go to the bookstore and send you the monthly issues if turns our that nothing works out for you, if you like.
It would help me get gifts out by getting me to the post office and help me actually go buy books I'm interested in.
If I wanted a monthly issue of any magazine, I'd do that for myself.
I'm also suspicious of them selling your name & address to junk mail companies here in the US.
As much as people hate spam, junk mail is even worse.
At least with spam, most of it gets sorted from you regular mail and I've often found my important paper mail buried inside junk mail.
But that's another issue. Anyway, you have another option.  :)

Living Room / Re: I hate Valentine's Day!
« on: February 13, 2010, 10:15 PM »
...and doing WHAT furiously while hating themselves for it?????

Sorry...that wasn't very nice. Must be rough... ;)

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