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  • Friday May 24, 2024, 12:42 pm
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i prefer just having a third output list with mismatched years.

Great! This makes things easier and more streamlined :Thmbsup:

New version gets the option for separate mismatches then.
no, i prefer just having a third output list with mismatched years.

relying on a 3rd party server will break always.
Thanks for the positive words of encouragement!

... the year has to be matched. but i do like that years are sometimes matched because sometimes movie years will be incorrect from filename to filename. a release date vs a production date or theatrical release date. so i dont know what i want here.

Are you familiar with The Open Movie Database / OMDb?

They have an API with a free quota that can be used to determine the year of a movie.


Free API (1,000 daily limit):

I've been thinking of adding support for this API. What do you say? :)
i forgot to say that i am happy with your progress , and your designs so far.

i look forward to exclusion ability for better matching :)

i dont need fuzzy matching first , but you kept asking so i go for it :D
PublicDomainVic / Re: [dev] AnyHandler (ALPHA 4)
« Last post by paradisusvic on May 21, 2024, 05:41 PM »
First official release comes after it is green-lighted by @ibay770's confirmation
-paradisusvic (May 15, 2024, 08:17 AM)

Still more feedback needed.

In the mean time, here is the new ALPHA 4 version, with update button auto-toggle:

I'm seeking someone who wants a website that has 5 Apps for Windows:
•   CurvFit™ application solves fitting data to an math expression; recommend the Lorentzian series for real world data problems. Sine & Damped Sine series are also available.
•   FC-Compiler™ application is a (free) Calculus (level) Compiler that simplifies Tweaking parameters in ones math model.  FC solves Algebraic through Ordinary Differential Equations; Laplace transforms; etc. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum; i.e., a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective (function) definition.
•   ODEcalc™, an Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Calculator!  Solves Nonlinear ODEs. State your equation, boundary/initial value conditions and it solves your problem!
•   Match-n-Freq™ solves pole/zero locations for a matched filter that is known for pulse slimming or shaping characteristics. Program determines optimal transfer function, H(s).; and,
•   SpectrumSolvers™ provides 13 spectral estimation algorithms for comparing Power Spectral Density (PSD) results. Algorithms include Akaike, Burg, Durbin, Maximum Likelihood Method, Mayne-Firoozan, Prony, Yule-Walker, and et al.

These Apps are for Engineers/Scientists; e.g., one app is a Calculus (Level) Compiler that can solve most continuous math models.  My site has been in development for 30+ years and has 400+ visitors per day [just hit 500 for the 1st time :) ].  Google suggests it will bring in $5,000 / month!

My website,, tries to show Engineers / Scientists how to solve their math problems from industry. The key is a (free) Calculus (Level) Compiler that solves most continuous math problems in Industries.

My compiler got its start at NASA's Apollo Space program back in the early 1960s. Known as Slang back then, it got the USA to the moon and back. When introduced to Industries in 1974, it was then was called PROSE. Today it is FortranCalculus (FC).

If you were a manager or CEO and had the choice of a simulation design versus an optimization design, which would you pick?

Train Educators: Continuous Modeling, Simulation’s & (Mathematical) Optimizations.  Optimizations require an Objective (function).  Today's Engineers & Scientists solve problems with a “Find X” mind-set.  With some Operational Research training they could expand their thinking to a “Find X to Optimize Y” mind-set.  Then they would be ready for Optimizations, Calculus (level) programming and software.  (This would drop today’s design times that require months even man years to one or two days!  Manufacturing processes could be optimized to the days demand and thus maximize their profits.)

“Find X to Optimize Y” thinking among professors will cause most Engineering & Science textbooks to be rewritten with optimization examples and discussions.  This will be great stuff for industries and government; applied engineering and/or science not just theories.

Marketing is the only step left before my website is completely functional, interested?

Phil Brubaker
Mathematical Engineer / Author
Oregon State University '67
You could ping me in a PM here or to me as @Slartibartfarst in Telegram.

Sure I'll ping! The plan is to have the first ALPHA release coming out somewhere this week :up:
Hello & good day again! I'm back in the saddle & pushing the latest code to GitHub  :Thmbsup:

Let's build incrementally. Right now I'm separating content vs function words, mostly as per the first columns from the list at:

We'll address the "bells & whistles" (drag & drop, auto saving, etc.) once the main list comparison functionality is complete, with both direct and fuzzy matches identified per movie.

The plan is doing a coding spree with daily or inter-daily updates until the program is finished to your satisfaction

Cheers & many thanks again!
I'm currently thinking early next week perhaps for the non beta release of this beta cycle as long as its running smoothly/no other ideas by then. :)
General Software Discussion / Re: batch scripting
« Last post by rjbull on May 20, 2024, 05:26 PM »
i was doing a lot of grepping and it was causing a toll on my hands typing all the extra characters.
now i'm wondering if i can make it so i just run it once, and i can just type the grep search words over and over again ?
without having to type g each time.
its been so long i cant remember what this stuff is even called in batch to search how to script it.

There are still a few batch file resources on the web, e.g.

Don't overlook that even the Windows CMD prompt has line recall and editing.  When you've issued a command, and it's been executed, press Up Arrow to recall it, edit the line if necessary and press Enter to issue the modified command.  Take Command (payware) and its plain text console mode version TCC/LE (freeware) are far better. You get many more features than Microsoft ever dreamt of.  JP Soft seem to have replaced TCC/LE with TCC-RT : Free TCC Runtime for Batch Files, which I haven't tried.  Also, you should probably look at PowerShell, which also I haven't tried.
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