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Forum Random Quotes Generator - salting your forum signature with wits

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This is a php script that randomly picks out a quote from your quotes collection and display it in image format on forums (i.e. ;)). Every time a visitor views your forum profile or signature below your post, he sees a random fun quote. It's fairly customizable and super easy to use.

See it in action:

Forum Random Quotes Generator - salting your forum signature with wits
Forum Random Quotes Generator - salting your forum signature with wits

How it works

Two components powers this script:
1. Text-to-image converter, which converts a text string into image that displays in your forum signature.  (can be found in
2. Random quote picker, which picks out a quote from your quotes collection and feed it to text-to-image converter   (can be found in

You need to have ftp write access to a web server that supports PHP, otherwise I'll be very happy to receive "please include this FUN quote" requests from you. ;)

Installation and Usage

1. The no-brainer way, no php knowledge required

Download, uncompress and upload files to your web server (e.g., add quotes to quotes.txt (sample provided), one quote per line.

Modify your forum signature to display the random quote image, by adding these lines:

--- ---[b]Random Quote:[/b]

5 mins that's all it takes to get it working. 8)

2. If you decide to hack the script...

The Text-to-image converter and Random quote picker scripts are now "sold separately" ;), for I'm reluctant to complicate things for people with no php knowledge - this way they only have to deal with one php file (which works right out of the box) and one plain text file that contains quotes.

You may want to seriously customize the script, plz feel absolutely free to do so.

Note: your web server PHP engine must be compiled with GD2 library in order for the Text-to-image converter (q.php) to work.

Customization Options

There are many url parameter that you can make use of when calling the text-to-image converter script.

f - fontname  (e.g. default)
c - color code in hex  (e.g. 000000)
b - background color code in hex  (e.g. FFFFFF)
s - line spacing   (e.g. 3) (range = 1-5)
w - image width   (e.g. 500) (range = 200-600)
pt - top padding   (e.g. 3) (range = 0 - 10)
pl - left padding   (e.g. 1) (range = 0 - 10)
a - author line spacing   (e.g. 3) (range = 0 - 10)
i - image format   (e.g. 1) (default 0 = png, 1 = gif, 2 = jpeg)

u - url, without "http://"   (e.g.

Note: we have a few fonts available for your choice:
iso915   (not set to as default, but also recommended)


--- ---[img][/img]


[img][/img] <-- that's what i have in my forum signature.

How to add quotes to quotes.txt

One quote per line. Text is to be auto-wrapped by the script so dont worry about line wrapping. Two consecutive vertical bars || represents a hard line break.

"There is Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows CE... So we have Windows CEMENT"||-- Joto

Forum Random Quotes Generator - salting your forum signature with wits

Author's note:

You are allowed to download, use and modify the script in anyway you like. And as long as you don't post ASCII porn and is a member of, you are allowed to call the text-to-image converter script on for free.  :D :D

I'd really LOVE to see more dynamic fun quotes (not at all necessarily from DC members) in forum signatures here everyday!! :Thmbsup:

 >:D >:D >:D > What a great idea, mow now for some quotes  :o


i've really enjoyed reading the quotes on wordzilla's posts too.

great!  :up:

Cool I just created a quotes file and it has been added to my signature as you can now see!  :)  :up:


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