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Enigma - One of my most favourite games

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today i received a very good message. After 555 days of waiting, one of my most favourite games "Enigma" has got an Update to V 1.0. With additional 200 levels, making now over 900!

As the DC-Forumsearch shows nothing up for this freeware pearl, i decided to post it.

What is Enigma?
You rembember Oxyd on Atari or Rock-n-Roll on Amiga? That together is Enigma. plus much, much more.

Main thing is, to move a little ball (or more than one even smaller balls) with your mouse through levels. Solve puzzles, touch and match hidden colored blocks, find your way through mazes, move certain blocks to other locations to solve the level or get through to other parts of the level or even build bridges with them to traverse water. Then find keys and open doors, find other things that can help you solve the level up to magic wands that converts blocks into other material, search for secret pathways, don't fall in holes, switch lasers on and off, turn mirrors to redirect the lasers, beware of deadly blocks, take care on what floor material you are (influences the movement of the ball) or put and hold the even smaller balls in given positions.

You see: Oxyd and Rock-n-Roll plus a little bit Sokoban, a little bit puzzlegame, a little bit dexterity needed, a little bit actiongame, a little bit platformgame a.s.o. You can't explain it fully have to try it!

And you can now submit your Highscores to their website to compete to all other Enigmians and rate the levels.

The whole game is non-violent, family friendly and so sth. for young and old one's.

You see, i love this game, therefore i gush over it. But i have to stop now to let you try it at your own.

But be careful Addiction Rating for this game is: Super Hyper Mega Universe HIGH! Don't blame me for wasting your whole day or missing your dates while you play Enigma! ;D

Get it from here:

Here are some Screenshots as teasers:

Part of the "Select Level" WindowLevel: Lasers and MirrorsLevel: Annoying little ballsEnigma - One of my most favourite gamesEnigma - One of my most favourite gamesEnigma - One of my most favourite games
Hope you have as much as fun as i have with this masterpiece.

Very fun and inventive..  :up:

Shows you how nice it can be to make a game where users can create levels - each level tells you who created it,
and each level gets a bit more interesting.

That is a great game.  Thanx for the find!

and if you like this, you owe it to yourself to try "Within a Deep Forest" which feels like a distance cousin of this game:

"Within a Deep Forest" is an amazing game where you pilot various balls in a kind of adventure quest.

I played that one before - probably saw it here.  Another fun game.


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