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Minimal Website and TetraComponents Update


I have updated my both contributions to the C++ Builder contest: Minimal Website and TetraComponents.

The Text2Html project used in Minimal Website for the conversion of plain text to HTML now is simplified and faster. There is an additional hidden instruction to leave a paragraph untouched.
A mouse click on a link in the preview doesn't lead to an empty page any more.

Text2Html is enclosed in the TetraComponents as example too. The components now have a uniform structure. An instance of a component is activated automatically when the Execute method is called.

No matter, what will be the result of the contest, I will continue to improve both Minimal Website and TetraComponents  on


Detlef Meyer-Eltz

Detlef - I was extremely impressed with your components and tools.  Not only extremely powerful but very professionally done and well documented, etc. Really quality work, congratulations  :up:

Thank you! I like to read that very much.
I'm never satisfied with my work for more than two hours and I wish, I would get some more feedback from users.


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