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Links to JGPaiva's AutoHotkey Coding Snacks

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Some of JGPaiva's Tools with links to view info and download, collected from various posts on the Coding Snacks section.

All these Coding Snacks were made with AutoHotkey. You can use the executable, or download AutoHotkey and run the code itself through it.

DialogMove v2.0 updated 24-04-10:
moves windows smaler than a given size to a place closer to the mouse
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[Forum Topic] [.ahk Version] [.exe version] [About Box]

KillProcesses v1.2 modified 02-01-08:
kill a list of processes when the computer shuts down
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[Forum Topic] [.ahk Version] [.exe version]

RunOnUnhibernation v1.0 created 17-09-07:
Run the program passed as argument on cumputer unhibernation
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[Forum Topic] [.ahk Version] [.exe version]

LockWorkstation v1.02 updated 03-01-07:
Locks the Workstation after a predifined amount of time
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[Forum Topic] [.ahk Version] [.exe version] [About Box]

GridMove -SEE
Adjusts windows to a predefined or user-defined desktop grid.

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RescueOrphans v1.01 updated 04-10-2006:
Retrieves single files lost in deep directories.

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[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version]

TransparentMove v1 created 30-09-2006:
When the user presses ctrl and drags the window, it becomes trasnparent and
is moved.

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[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version]

Touch v1 created 30-09-2006:
Similar to unix's "touch", sets the modified time of files to the current

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[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version]

MultipleSend v1.0 created 29-07-2006:
Send the same text to several windows at the same time

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[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version]

KeyInfo v1.01 updated 1-06-2006:
Gives information about the state of the keyboard keys (caps, num and scroll
lock) in the systray

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[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version][necessary icons]
Notice: the icon pack is necessary, please extract them to the same directory
KeyInfo is located. For more icon packs, check the forum thread!! Thanks
prosayist for the great icons!  :Thmbsup:

ToolTipPrompt v1 updated 05-06-2006:
Creates tooltips based on a user-defined plain text file (aimed at tech

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[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version]

HotStringsScriptCreator v3.1 updated 18-05-2006:
[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version][Screenshot]

Shutdown v1.0 updated 05-05-06:
menu for shuting down the system from the tray.
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[Forum Topic] [.ahk Version] [.exe version]

Ftpuploader v1.0 updated 03-05-06:
Based on Chrono's upload to ftp tool
(, ftpuploader is a
tool that can be configured with SC, to upload images to an ftp very
--- End quote ---
[Forum Topic][.ahk Version][.exe Version][Readme]










we want some screenshots!

screenshots damn it!

Am I blind or is there no link to JGPaiva's awesome AHK snacks from the Software page? I was looking all over for GridMove earlier today and I couldn't find it for a while. How come JGPaiva doesn't have his own dedicated page?

jgp's gridmove is on the software page, and once he gets a proper webpage up with the rest of his tools it will be easier to link to them properly.


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