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DONE: Open images without program window showing.

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OS - XP SP3.

I am trying to find a way of opening images without showing anything around them, i.e. a program window.
The intention is to trigger them using a batch file.

All my attempts so far have resulted in opening the default image viewer and although I have tried several they all have a window.
The nearest I have got is a program called First Impression which just shows the file name and the image size (in % of original) as well as the image, this does disappear after a time but I would prefer not to get it, in fact I would prefer something separate from the default viewer.

One option I would like is to be able to open different images in different locations on the screen and they would need to open in their original size.


Also, see


Also, see
-PhilB66 (May 16, 2011, 09:47 AM)
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Thank you very much.

I have downloaded Osiva and when I get the time will see what I can do with it, from the link it seems to be mainly for opening a number of images at the same time while my need is to open individual images separately as visual warnings.
Another thing I need to work out are the instructions for the batch files as my knowledge of programming is non-existent.
I am not sure that there is anything in the second link that will help.

When I have checked things out I will get back to you.

Checked out both links more thoroughly but not found what I am looking for, I need something very simple.

To try to make it clearer the batch files I am using generally look like this:
(Simplified version.)

"C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\1.JPG"
--- End quote ---

I have different images that give notification of different events that trigger independently some by time, some by an action.
Most of them contain text and I tend to make them just large enough to contain it so they are different sizes.
The problems are that I have not found a way of viewing them without seeing the viewing program as well as the image and if two or more images open at once they open on top of each other.

you could try ArtSage.  It's an image viewer, but it presents the image full frame and without any visible toolbars etc.  Downside here is that it doesn't appear to display multiple images concurrently

another alternative may be Osiva.  This one seems to display images as separate instances (at their 'original' size).  It does display a floating toolbar, though you may be able to hide it (I didn't try)


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