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This program had already been mentioned in donationcoder, but i think it didn't quite get the attention it deserves.
I was now using it, and i think it's so usefull that i decided to do a small review for you.

All Snap is a program that runs on the system tray, using about 1.5mb of ram, and 2.4mb of virtual memory.
This program allows every window to have the "snap" feature. This means that when a window gets in some (customizable) distance from another, their borders get attached.
This feature is, in my opinion, very required by those users that tend to not maximize any window, and get the desktop quite cluttered with windows.
Although I'm not one of those users, i like to maximize almost everything, i use allsnap to snap the IM's windows to each other, so as i can see several of them at the same time, without having much work organizing them.

AllSnap is configurable from the right-click menu on the system tray icon:


In this menu, you have access to the about box, the help, the settings dialog and the option to turn window snapping off (which has the same effect as closing allsnap)
By clicking the settings option, you get the following menu:


Under "general", the first two options determine the distance that windows attract each other, and the toggle key is the key that, when pressed, disables the snapping, in case you just want to move a window without completely disabling the snapping in the tray icon's menu.
The "Snap To" section is quite self- explanatory, and the Enable Snapping checkbox does the same that that option on the tray menu does.

On the "sounds" tab, you get:


Here, you can select the sounds to be played when the snapping is done. The default sound are very good, very discrete, and allow you to know when the snapping is being done. Sometimes, you might not be able to put a window at a certain distance of another because of the snapping, it's good to know it's because of that, before you go crazy trying to do it, that's why i keep the sounds enabled.

Under the "advanced" tab, these are the options you get:


These are some options that are mostly for compatibility with some themes, strange windows or OSs other than windows xp (there's another option that only appears in systems other than xp, which allows icons on the desktop to be arranged in grid, like xp does).

As for links, here is the home site of allSnap:[email protected]/
and here's the link for fileforum's downloads: (this link is for the beta version, at the home site of allSnap there is a stable version)
Hope you like it!

Wow, great review and really neat utility -- am playing with it at this very moment.

I knew you'd love it, Allen, since you're a non-maximized windows lover ;)

This seems to be a PERFECT tool to highly confuse women that aren't using the PC often 8)

This seems to be a PERFECT tool to highly confuse women that aren't using the PC often 8)
-brotherS (February 13, 2006, 07:49 AM)
--- End quote ---
Try setting the "snapping distance" to 99! It'll even confuse you :D


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